ZLYJ series extruder gear reducers revision notice.

November 1, in the effort with group purchasing and quality assurance departments, under the careful development and manufacturing of a lean manufacturing technology sector, the country's two new revision ZLYJ173 Mao and ZLYJ200 prototype, once developed. Older contrast, the new revision of these two ZLYJ series gear reducers products, mainly significant breakthrough following five aspects -
First, the original wooden box mold mold, all replaced by a new design of the mold. Mold has three advantages: 1, casting surface is more smooth, flat, you can spray paint directly on the surface, eliminating the old original box Pihui milling and grinding processes, not only shorten the processing cycle, and improve efficiency, but also cost savings. 2 directly wooden mold easily exclude defective situation legacy foundry sand in the box in the corner. 3, according to the mechanical requirements, the new design is more compact shape, adding many rounded design, better thermal performance, while products are also more in line with the requirements of modern industry artistic taste.
Second, the internal high-speed shaft bearing original tapered roller bearings, replace all self-aligning roller bearings. Aligning bearings have three advantages: 1, self-aligning bearing operation more stable, longer life. 2-aligning bearing on the accuracy of axial clearance adjustment, requiring significantly lower and easier to mass production. 3, self-aligning bearing, even when the axial movement is generated, not like, like the formation of a conical taper bearing exercise, causing fatal injuries to seal. Thus, the lower the probability of oil spills.
Third, through technological innovation, high-speed level labyrinth seal cover method, a single seal structure, compared to the old conventional double seal structure, not only reduces the probability of oil spills, but also cost savings.
4. All ZLYJ225 following models, the combination of surface screws from the original studs, replace the unified hex screws. Hexagon has three advantages: 1, hex screw stud directly ruled out opening and closing boxes difficult and fragile and screw nut length protruding level of inconsistency, the disadvantage intractable. 2, the appearance of a more unified appearance, assembly efficiency improved significantly. 3, some screw models, with other GM models, reducing the material type, easier purchasing and inventory control.
Five, after a new optimized design technology sector, external lubrication pipes have such three advantages: 1, more uniform appearance of lines, modular, to eliminate the appearance of older products are not unified, greater randomness shortcomings. 2, reducing the technical requirements for piping layout, making it simple, simple, and easier to operate. 3, small machines increases the external piping type small filtering equipment, so cleaning and maintenance, easier, simpler, and improved lubrication conditions, extending the life of the equipment.



      ◇ Cut off and prevent (by a warning tag, etc.) the re-connection of power supply to the motor before installing the couplings.

      ◇ Striking by hammer or other similar tools is not allowed when mounting the couplings and small gears onto the shaft end.

      ◇ Ensure the correct tension of belt when installing belt wheel.

              ◇ Do not install or uninstall the screw by force in respect of the output part.

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VII. Fault Analysis and Solutions






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ZLYJ extruder gearbox manual chapter one

I. Introduction
ZLYJ reducers are a kind of high-precision rigid gear assembly specially designed for the single-screw plastic/rubber extruder. Taking the JB/T 8853-2001 Cylindrical Gear Reducer as a reference for design, the products applies the high-strength low-carbon alloy steel for gears and gear shaft, with tooth flank carbureted, quenched and ground, to meet the gear precision at Level 6 (GB/T 10095) and hardness of tooth flank HRC54~62. A huge thrust bearing is mounted on the front of the output shaft to bear the thrust from the screw.

II. Use Scope
 The input rotation of prime mover shall be ≤ 1500 rpm.
 The peripheral speed of gear drive shall be ≤ 20m/s.
 The working ambient temperature shall be within -40℃~45℃. Preheat the lubricating oil to above 0℃ or choose the low temperature lubricating oil when the ambient temperature is below 0℃.

 Rotation is available both forwards and backwards. However, the high-speed shaft of some types of reducers has a single-way oil pump directing as defaulted to the output shaft which rotates clockwise.

III. Reducer Types
Product nameplates: When delivered, all reducers are attached with nameplates to specify the type, capability, production date, ex-factory number and other features for the purpose of maintenance, which shall not be removed at random.
Nameplate explanation:


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Three national standard cyclo gear reducers are officially released

Recently, from the year 2013 standard committee cyclo gear reducer standard triage was informed Cycloid Drive Part 1 Basic terminology GB / T10107.1--2012, Cycloid Drive Part 2 illustrates a method GB /T10107.2--2012, Cycloid Drive Part 1 Symbols of geometrical GB / T10107.3--2012 three new national standards and other gear, Publicizing officially released at the meeting. The meeting will also review by the cycloidal reducer, the newly revised standard 11 CVT gearbox, worm gear and test methods to detect and five standard method; Mechanical Science Research Institute Certification Center Jinzhu Ren made About EMS / OHSMS24001 / 28001-2011 standard Publicizing; Scientific Research Institute of China China Industrial Productivity Promotion Center Jinwu Wang, director of the current slowdown in the industry standard status quo and revision of standards explained; Standardization Administration of China Mechanical Science Research Institute Director at the road by the forest significance and the role of standardization in the national production, made an important speech.
In addition, the meeting identified 2014 annual work plan: 1. Call GB, line marked project proposals for standard age more than five years of standard revise, improve standards of level, a joint venture to study and explore reducer standard upgrade gradually to improve the technical level and quality of products to the world level; 2, organized and completed six industry standards revision; 3, the organization completed an industry standard-setting work, and so on.
At the meeting, the machinery industry by gearbox standard committee said it would strive to provide more services in product standards and product quality improvement, etc., to advance the cause of our country by gearbox standardized by leaps and bounds, creating standardization situation, and make greater contribution.
Attachment: 2013 standards by 11 standard committee is triage planet cone ring CVT, mechanical transmission test methods, multi-disc CVT, continuously variable transmission cone ring disc, cycloid reducer double cycloid reducer, cycloid reducer carrying capacity and transmission efficiency measurement method, cycloid reducer Determination of cleanliness, cycloid reducer temperature measurement method, cycloid Noise measurement method, WP series worm gear reducer; by five methodological standards in 2013 marked the Mixed Commission is cycloid reducer carrying capacity and transmission efficiency measurement method, cycloid reducer cleanliness measurement method cycloid reducer temperature measurement method, machine noise measurement method, mechanical CVT test methods cycloid.


The yaw/variable propeller gear speed reducers

Characteristic: This series of reducers are widely used for pitch & yaw function in wind power facility and swing function in engineering machinery.The reducers have characteristics as low noise,high capability of resisting strikes, compact sizes,long life etc.Both electric motor and hydraulic motor are available for selection by considering the users’ working system. And the output opinion is also customized for different usage.

Flange mounted
Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion
Rugged construction
High torque capacity
Output shafts supported by heavy duty bearings
Applicable AC motors
Compact motors and brake motors
IEC motors and brake motors
Main Brake Motor Features
DC and AC type
Main Motor Options
Thermistors and thermostates sensor

The way to oversea market of the engineering machinery

With the rapidly changing world economy by the international economic situation, the domestic economy into the new normal. And as China's construction machinery industry basis, has been a four-year downturn. Overcapacity, insufficient market demand persists. In this market environment, "along the way" strategy proposed like a panacea, into the long-sluggish construction machinery industry.
In construction and along the domestic construction, machinery as a necessity in the process of roads, railways, airports and other infrastructure, and become an indispensable machinery. Excavators, loaders, bulldozers and other machinery products are in a big demand and will be the direct beneficiaries of the infrastructure. Engineering machinery industry began to take along all the way to the east, the momentum out to sea. Then, on the way to the sea of mechanical engineering, what are the difficulties and challenges?

On June 18, 2015, Liugong global R & D center was officially inaugurated and National Engineering Research Center for earthmoving machinery listing ceremony was held in Guangxi Liugong. It not only enhances Liugong research and development, but also will become an important milestone in the development history of Liugong. Zengguangan, who isChairman of Liugong, said that in Liugong building and investment will be without any slowdown and hesitation. Because they know that establish R & D center is not only a matter of the future of the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also related to the China's construction machinery industry morale.

Liugong's initiative is a microcosm of the whole construction machinery. As technology advances and innovative technology industry, there is a a huge progress in product development and manufacturing, from relying on technology imports to absorbed into a completely independent technological innovation, China's manufacturing industry has been rapid growed. Data shows that main share in the major overseas markets continued to rise, such as that the United States imports from China accounting for construction machinery increased from 10.08 percent in 2012 to 12.02 percent and the Asian market grew from 43% to 47% and the African market from 12% to 15%.

Studies have shown that, as in Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG, Liugong who are the construction machinery leader in technology research and development has always maintained the attitude of the times of business, have a good export performance. This is also from the side, excess capacity is relative, continuous technological innovation, to make technology products with core competitiveness, will not excess capacity.

The United Arab Emirates AlGharbia Steel Plant

According to the United Arab Emirates media, Abu Dhabi will joint venture with two Japanese industrial companies, The Senaat steel companies JFE and The Marubeni-Itochu to build the AlGharbia Steel Plant. With a total investment of 1.1 billion dirhams (US $ 300 million), Senaat accounts for 51% of the shares and the other two Japan companies accounts for 49% of the shares. AlGharbia Steel Plant is located in Abu Dhabi caliph industrial zone, which is expected to be finished in 2018. The annual output will be 240,000 tons, of which 40% will be exported to the country around.

As been asked about the current market situation, Senaat Daheri who is the person in charge of the company's operations, said that Steel Plant construction is based on long-term considerations, and has studied the market supplying and demand. In the Middle East, one million tons of steel is imported annually. The vice president Japan JFE Steel, said the production of Gulf oil and gas is still strong, due to the transportation needs of the oil and gas, steel demand will grow steadily.

Senaat, wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi government, whose affiliated companies, including the UAE steel, aluminum Tavira, Arkan, AlFoah so on.

The reason why using helical type in gear reducer manufacturing.

The main disadvantage is that they helical gear is vibration. Whether it is due to the design, manufacture or deformation, etc., at the same time along the entire tooth surface may occur some changes involute shape. This will lead to a regular, once per tooth incentives, it is often very strong. The resulting vibration caused both large load on the gear, and cause noise. Another negative point is that the contact time, and sometimes additional strength by two pairs of meshing obtained and can not be used, because the stress is circulating in the situation of a single tooth meshing defined.

Helical gears can be seen as a group of gear misalignment sheet should be placed into the cylindrical gear, so that each piece is touching a different part of the tooth profile, resulting in the role of the compensation of each sheet gear error, the compensation due to the wheel elastic teeth and is very effective, and thus come to such a result, the error is within 10mm of teeth can make the error from the average effect, which under load conditions, can such error is within 1mm teeth as running smoothly. Because in any transient, about half the time (assuming the coincidence of about 1.5) will have two teeth mesh, which brings additional benefits in terms of strength. Therefore, the stress can be established in 1.5 times the tooth width, rather than a tooth width of the base.

Manufacturing and assembly spur a lot of flakes is both difficult and uneconomical, and therefore manufactured integral gear teeth along the helical direction of the gear. Helical gear is not as straight, it will lead to undesirable axial force. But the benefits in terms of vibration and strength far better than the disadvantage caused by the axial thrust and a slight increase in manufacturing costs brought. So use helical gear rather than straight gear reducer such as the manufacture of four series:. R series coaxial helical gear reducer, K series of spiral bevel gear reducer, S series helical worm gear reducer, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer Note 1: What is a spur gear: Spur is parallel to the shaft of the gear teeth. We will only discuss the parallel shaft gear theory, therefore, any money perpendicular to a cross section of two gear shaft are identical.

The Holiday of Labors Day

We will have a holiday for The Labors Day from 1st to 3rd May. and will get back to work on 4th. During this time, all our sale department will have limit access to check emails or others.

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The gear drive is used in blasting cleaning machine duty

The through type shot blasting cleaning abrator machine of steel structure is using the roller conveyor, automatic suspension conveying to send large workpiece for indoor cleaning. It uses high-speed projectiles clean or strengthen the casting on the surface of the casting equipment. Meantime, also makes blasting shakeout, the core for the castings and clean up.

The power is from the gearbox to supply the toque to shot the projectiles. Usually using G series gear motor including of R, S,K and F series. Also our cycloidal gear reducer with AC electric motor is good for it.
From various power, the blasting cleaning machine is used in many application with different mounting way, drum of casting bearing, chain plate, turntable, car type, squirrel cage and hanging type shot blasting machine, etc.

We have supplied to many factory in China our gear reducers and electric motors. If you need the spare parts of the power transmission gears, please feel free to contact us.


The Custom-made gearboxes we made in recent months

In recent months, Guomao Reducer group has developed some new types which is custom-made for some industry. And the followings are just some of them to show.

1. GMLX170 series vertical milling gear reducer which is mainly used for cement machinery industry for grinding.

2. XK series rubber mixing mill machine gearbox, we are supporting for the leading rubber machinery industry factory.

3. MBY and JDX edge grinding transmission gears reducer which is mainly used in cement mill, mature products, fast delivery and quality is stable.

4. QY type crane machine hosit gearbox and this gear reducer is used welding casing. widely used, market demand is big and series production, there has been an obvious rising trend orders.

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Sumitomo gearbox

Sumitomo gearbox, is manufactured by the Japanese Sumitomo Group. It contains various types of sumitomo electric industries, such as Sumitomo large helical gear-boxes, planetary Sumitomo gearboxes, Sumitomo helical gearboxes, Sumitomo worm gearboxes.
For the Products, Sumitomo Group produces various models gearbox, 
1. Light weight, compact
2. Performance tough, long life
3. The sleek and smooth operation, lower noise
4. Installation and maintenance is very convenient
5. High efficiency, saving energy
6. rich variety
7. With a variety of certification, the world's prevailing Cyclo 6000 series gearbox in line with domestic and international certification and a variety of criteria: such as GB, CE, UL, CSA, NEMA, JIS and so on.

Sumitomo gearbox total gearing can be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output section.
The input shaft is provided with a dislocation of 180 ° double eccentric, the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called tumbler roller bearings, becomes H institutions, the central hole of two cycloidal wheels is eccentric sleeve boom bearing raceway, the cycloid pin gear wheel box and a set of needle teeth arranged in a ring engages by to form teeth difference is within a tooth meshing reduction mechanism, (in order to reduce friction, in a small gear ratio with on-the-pin gear needle teeth sets). When the input shaft with eccentric rotation a week, due to the characteristics of cycloidal tooth profile on their gear so that the needle by needle teeth limitation of motion cycloid revolution have become both the rotation of plane movement, when the input shaft forward week, the eccentric rotation also the week cycloid turned in the opposite goal to give the slowdown a tooth, and then by means of W output mechanism, the low-speed rotation of the cycloid movement through the pin, transmitted to the output shaft, to obtain lower output speed.
Sumitomo electric industries is in accordance with small teeth difference planetary transmission principle, Sumitomo cycloid pin gear engagement to achieve a mechanical deceleration. The aircraft sub-horizontal, vertical, axis type and direct-type assembly and other essentials, is the preferred equipment metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.

Some FAQs for worm gear speed reducer

Worm gear speed reducer is a compact, with big transmission ratio and with self-locking function.
A general problems for this are high temperature and oil spills and worm bearing damage.
Then solving these problems, how do we want it? Next we come to analyze.
1. Selection of lubricants and additives. Worm gear reducer 220 # gear oil is generally used for heavy, frequent starting, the bad environment, which can use some lubricant additives. so when you stop running gears, oil is still attached to the gear surface, forming a protective film to prevent direct contact between the metal heavy load, low speed, high torque and starts.
2. The establishment of lubrication maintenance system. According lubrication "five" Principles of gear maintenance, so that each person has a responsibility to gear regularly checked and found significant temperature exceeds 40 ℃ or oil temperature exceed 80 ℃, the quality of oil drops or oil We found more copper and produce abnormal noise and other phenomena, should immediately stop using and timely maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement of oil. When refueling, pay attention to oil, to ensure correct lubrication gear.

3. To ensure assembly quality. Can be purchased or made at a number of special tools to remove and install gear parts, try to avoid tapping with a hammer and other tools; change gear, when worm, try to use original parts and be replaced in pairs; assembly output shaft, pay attention tolerances; to use anti-adhesive or red lead oil to protect the hollow shaft, with the area to prevent rust or dirt wear, difficult disassembly maintenance.
4. Select reducer installed. Lower position permitting, try not to use vertical installation. When installed vertically installed a lot more than the amount of the lubricating oil level, could easily lead to fever reducer and oil spills.


Selection of gear reduction motor for conveyor duty

For the 21st century is an industrial society and assembling of conveyor line in the mass production is indispensable in many enterprises and factories. Many manufacturing jobs on production line has been from manual assembly into semi-automatic or automatic assembly. Conveyor line assembling is by changing the belt speed to meet the requirements of different production processes. For this reason, the gear reduction motor is the necessary spare parts for the conveyor line body. The following conveyor line is a example diagram.
Cross arranging is the most commonly used in transmission belt line, using the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt to convey various light and heavy items, such as the transport all kinds of powder, all kinds of cartons, plank, bags, etc. Conveyor line has a very wide usage range. With the rapid development of the automatic production, Selection of gear reduction motor has become one of the important work of the engineers.

Assembling conveyor line dedicated gear reducer motor need to be considered in the selection of what respect need to consideration?

1 How much big for the start power and load torque of the convey line?
2 Is Speed adjustment convenient and the variable speed is in line with the requirements for The one selected?
3 the gear reduction motor size is in accordance with the equipment installed outside the body space;
4 Is it forward reverse ?
5 the work environment if there are special circumstances, such as the temperature too low or too high, larger amount of dust, corrosive or other chemical gas or liquid and so on.

Seeking New way to the development of gear reducer industry

Speed reducer industry, as China's major equipment with mechanical means, which has a important applications in all areas of the national economy and defense industry. For the past two years, China gears industry's technological transformation, doing a series of investigations, particularly in terms of the gear reducer, particular emphasis on stability and enhance the efficiency of economic growth, research import and export situation, strengthening the deep adjustment reducer industry .

Our country in these areas have done a lot of work and effort. First, China's implementation of standardized construction slowdown in the industry in order to meet the national industrial development strategy. Standardization strategy aimed at implementation of technological innovation, so that the industry by the policy-oriented, trend-oriented speculative demand-oriented, technology-oriented small and medium enterprises all over and get rid of the status quo no real coordination of industrial clusters development. To this end, our enhanced industry-standard access mechanism, will manage to advance to the corporate design, research and development, and strive to make it meet the requirements of the development of the industrial sector. Backward production capacity and excess production capacity is Zhiai factor in the development of standardization strategy to coordinate the newly overcapacity in production relations and, through the elimination of backward production capacity, absorb the excess capacity means of alleviating the industry burden, and strengthen the standardization of innovation and basic research.

Second, the development of the industry needs to cultivate strong productivity part, especially the brand strength. The implementation of medium-sized enterprises active support policies, foster large-scale enterprises in the international competitiveness of the industrial environment and maintain the momentum of the industry, so that the leading industry role in promoting enhanced. Actively involved, indirect guidance, are effective means of development. If they could have a few more of the large group of gear business, it must be able to maintain a certain advantage in the competition with foreign counterparts in.

China reducer Network noted, in general, China's reducer enterprises compared with foreign products in development and innovation has been slow, the independent production of some gear transmission equipment is basically a generic product, lack of development momentum. So companies want to fight for our gear in the high-end market share, we need to actively seek market opportunities, and take a new path of development, in national standardization strategy continues to advance the process, to grasp the development direction and strive to grow and strive in the "five-second" new year to obtain greater momentu

China reducer Network noted, in general, China's reducer enterprises compared with foreign products in development and innovation has been slow, the independent production of some gear transmission equipment is basically a generic product, lack of development momentum. So companies want to fight for our gear in the high-end market share, we need to actively seek market opportunities, and take a new path of development, in national standardization strategy continues to advance the process, to grasp the development direction and strive to grow and strive in the "five-second" new year to obtain greater momentum.

S series gearmotor

S series helical-worm gearmotor is replaceable to SEW  S series motor reductor. Inside with helical and worm combined gears, this gearbox is used in light industry mainly such as Textile, food, water industry etc. The efficiency is lower than the helical type , R series helical gear reducer. But the advantage is that it is cheaper and compact. Easy to install. Moreover, it has self-lock function which most other type gearbox not have. 

The output shafts of our S series are vertical to input shafts. Units of S series consist of single stage helical gears and single stage worm gears. There are many mounting types for the installing.

The main types of our S series is as following:

1. Horizontal type, with foot mounted and solid output shafts. Two sides output or single side.

2. B5 flanged mounted helical-worm gearbox with solid shafts. There are holes in the flange for the installation  

3. SA series gear units with hollow shaft output. The diameter of the hollow shaft can be changed according to customers’ requirement in certain range.

4.SAF series speed reducer with B5 flange and hollow shaft. This type is combined type with item 2 and 3.

5.SAZ series geared motor. This type mounted with a B14 flange which is smaller than B5.

6.SH series helical-worm gear reudctor with hollow shaft and shrink disk. This device is installed in the output hollow shaft and it can lock the shaft coupled in the hollow and can used in some places that need stopping and starting very often.

7. SHF series with B5 flange and hollow shaft and shrink disk. This type has the fuction of above item 4 and 6.

8. SHZ type gear drive with electric motor. This one have a B14 flange and hollow shaft and shrink disk mounted.

9. SAT/SHT gearmotor type. With torque-arm-mounted, it can fix the entire geared motor tightly. SAT is a hollow shaft with torque arm and SHT is hollow shaft with shrink disk with torque arm. When this gearbox works, the torque can stop the complete unit shake. This is very useful.

10.S..SZ..AD. Compared to the above types, this type is with no electric motor coupled and the input part is with solid shaft. And the output part is also a solid shaft.

11. S..R. This is combined types which are the S series right angle gearbox and R series helical inline gear units. This can get a bigger ratio and can reduce the electric motor speed much lower.


Rotary gear slew drive is more and more popular.

As new product, Rotary gear drive has been the most popular in transmission industry. For its high scientific design and high production capacity requirements, making the rotary gears reputable. So what applications will rotary gear have? Slewing Drive can be used in the host of a circular motion machine, such as a crane turntable, rotating machinery, and some mechanical work in a circular. The products can be widely used for the truck crane, which represented engineering machinery and new energy as photovoltaic solar power represented, as wind power represented, and also other automation, machine manufacturing, aerospace, communications and other fields etc. we can say that, the market potential of the product is huge Here below is the field:

1, Beam carrier field: Traditional beam carrier’s core components is using traditional slewing ring product mostly, compared to the rotary gear drive, the old one has no slewing bearing housing, and corrosion resistance is bad. Moreover, by the hydraulic cylinder to push the tires steering systems, tire rotation angle is in a very limited range. Using the rotary gear device as a rotating part, not only can improved the corrosion resistance, also increase the steering angle of each set of tires.

2, Aerial field: Aerial is an important field of using rotary gear drive and the aerial device usually requires a higher safety factor. (self-locking worm) rotary gearbox’s the majority factor for users to choose is its high security. On the other hand, worm gears have a wide transmission ratio.

3, The Photovoltaic field: Photovoltaic power generation is an important application of rotary gearbox, using slew drive as a rotating component of solar PV modules, it can adjust a the precise angle according to the position the sun with a different location ,in best reception angle.

4, The wind power generation filed: Same as the Photovoltaic field, rotary gear drive can be used in wind turbine and achieve the level of organization of 360 ° rotation, in order to better adjust the angle of the receiver.

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Rossi transmission equipment

Rossi motoriduttori was founded in 1953, Italy modena, and it has developed into one of the most famous manufacturers for gear reducers and gear motors in the world. The company has always been committed to improving product quality, sustained investment and research newest system solutions. Rossi motoriduttori is the first company in Italy and Europe's second company to receive ISO 9001-2000 quality system certification of transmission machinery manufacturer. it is a European dimension for the sale of a European market of products in the three-year warranty company. Rossi range of products including: parallel axes, at right angles to the axis, coaxial gearboxes and gear motor, worm and planetary series. The product's performance and adaptability are constantly improving and changing. In recent years, companies continue to introduce new products, such as low backlash servo gear motor engages, monolithic inverter motor, etc., in order to maintain the technological and market leadership in the field of power transmission. Rossi company's products have been well known for high quality and reliability in a variety of heavy industrial applications. After 50 years in the industrial field development, Rossi has provided exceptional products and designs for many special applications, such as: single-screw extruder, chemical mixer, cooling towers, roller, asphalt mixers, concrete mixers, wind generators, automation equipment and industrial robots. In the past 20 years, Rossi performance of the company is growing rapidly. They have a large number of overseas branches, such as Germany, Spain, Britain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, India, the United States and China and other subsidiaries, and distributors worldwide sales network.

R series gearmotor

As a widely used type power transmission drive, R series helical gearmotor plays very important role in industry manufacturing. 

All dimensions of our R serial gear speed reducers are same as SEW's R serieal. Which can be well coupled as a replacement, but much more cheaper. We have multiple kinds of mounting ways for this type, foot mounted, vertical mounted, flanged mounted, long shaft mounted, and others. The gears from two stages to four stages, which can make larger torques.

For the motor connected, It can be coupled with AC motor or DC motor.

For AC motors, Y2 series standard electromotor or YD two speed electric motor or other types motor.  IEC motor NEMA motor can be fit as well. In a word, we can change the flange of the inoput side of the gearbox to make well fit in the types of motor. 

For the DC motors, we usually connect with Z4 serial DC motor whose power from 0.05kw to 300KW. There are plenty of mounting ways, from top to bottom or left or right. It concerns about the oil leaking. So this is a important factor for customer to choose the right model. 

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