Helical gear reducers,industrial gear units Gear drive Power Transmission CE Approved

1. Beer equipment/device/facility/machinery factory/manufacturer (Recommend our G series gear motor including GR, GS, GF, GK; Cycloidal reducer, BYD drum motor)
2. Wine equipment/device/facility/machinery factory/manufacturer (Recommend our RV, WP worm reducer)
3. Environmental Protection Equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, G series gear motor including GR, GS, GF, GK), such as sewage treatment, refuse treatment
4. Air Blower Factory
5. Chemical machinery/equipment/device/facility (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, G series gear motor including GR, GS, GF, GK)
6. Building machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, G series gear motor including GR, GS, GF, GK)
7. Mining equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, D&Z series hard gear surface gearbox)
8. Conveying equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, G series gear motor including GR, GS, GF, and GK)
9. Hoisting machinery/equipment/device/facility (Recommend our G series gear motor including GR,GS,GF,GK; D&Z series hard gear surface gearbox; PV series equivalent as Flender HB series gearbox)
10. Powder equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer)
11. Steel Factory/Manufacturer
12. Melting equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer and Worm reducer, such as RV, VF, and WP)
13. Plastic equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our ZLYJ gearbox especially designed for plastic extruder)
14. Cement equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our D&Z series hard gear surface gearbox, PV series equivalent as Flender HB series gearbox; and MBY gearbox)
15. Ceramic machine equipment/device/facility
16. Rubber/Tire equipment/device/facility/machinery (Recommend our Cycloidal reducer, G series gear motor including GR,GS,GF,GK equivalent as SEW, RV worm reducer) 


furnace-tilt-drives hot-cold-rolling-mills levellers-gearbox;
Furnace tilt drives Hot & Cold Rolling Mills Levellers
shears-gearbox tube-drawing-mill-gearbox roll-stand-gearbox
Shears Tube Drawing Mill Roll Stand
hot-sizing-mill-gearbox heavy-duty-rolling-mill-gearbox coiler-uncoiler-gearbox
Hot Sizing Mill Heavy Duty Rolling Mill Coiler / Uncoiler
Tension-Pay-off-Reel-gears pinion-stand-gearbox Flattener-Drive-gears
Tension & Pay off Reel Pinion Stand Flattener Drive
bridle-gearbox exciter-gp1-gearbox block-mill-gears
Bridle Exciter GB Block Mill

Power - Coal Mills

vertical-coal-pulveriser-gearbox ball-mills1-gears
Vertical Coal Pulveriser Ball Mills


belt-conveyors-gearbox screw-conveyors-gearbox bucket-elevators-gears;
Belt Conveyors Screw Conveyors Bucket Elevators
cooling-tower-gears air-preheater-reductor turbine-motor-reductor
Cooling Tower Air Preheater Turbine


passenger-lift-reductor escalators-reductor
Passenger Lift Escalators


Coal Mill - Raw Mill - Cement

Vertical-Roller-Mill-reductor ball-mill-new-gear-reductor
Vertical Roller Mill Ball Mill


rotary-kiln-motor-reducer bucket-elevators-gears classifiers-reductor;
Rotary Kiln Bucket elecvator Classifiers


belt-reductor screw-gear-reductor
Belt Screw


rotary-kiln-reductor grpf-trpf-drive-reductor turbine-reductor;
Mill Drive GRPF/ TRPF Drive Turbine


mixer-drive-reductor calender-drive-reductor
Mixer Drive Calender Drive

Wind Mills




Cooling Tower


Material Handling



GUOMAO wins extensive popularity in Minning energy industry, coal washing and dressing, when we provide high quality gearboxes, competitive pricing and swift Afterservice. GUOMAO high-duty industrial gearboxes, including H/B series, are servicing coal mining enterprises, such as Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group,Shanxi Coking Coal Group and Neimenggu Yitai Group, etc. GUOMAO wins the attention of many coal mining company by well quality and best price.

Applied in: Belt conveyor, Reversed loader, Apron conveyor, Cableways, Vacuum pump, Winch, Monorail crane, Bucket wheel elevator, Feeder, shredder, Floatation separator, etc.. Application Case ◆Project:Longmei Group East-Mountain main shaft lifting ◆Belt Conveyor: DLD128/57/2×780 ◆Gearbox: H2SH26-22.4-I(2sets) ◆The main shaft long as1250M、slope 17O,Steel Band Conveyor Width 1280MM、Freight Volume 570t/h,DC Motor 780KW、Speed 280r/m. ◆Function well since 2010.


pump-drive-reduction-box borewell-reduction-box
Pump Drive Borewell


GUOMAO plays a key role in providing transmission solutions for crane for 20 years and proud ourselves with remarkable performance in traveling, hoisting structure and cranes applied in various industries. A number of crane makers worldwide are currently adopting GUOMAO parallel-shaft helical geared motor with rated input power up to 200kW and in various ratio to meet specific work conditions. GUOMAO helical geared motor is of 2-stages or 3-stages transmission in same housing, solid or hollow output shaft, and flange- or shaft- mounted position. Such geared motors feature high output torque, compact structure, and modular system production. GUOMAO helical-bevel gearboxes is universally with such standard parts as hollow output shaft, torque arm and so on, as a portfolio to choose. High efficiency is made with the use of helical gear, parallel shaft, bevel gear, worm gear and worm screw. Operators enjoy outstanding reliability, high output torque, high radial & axial load capacity, stable operation, low noise, minimum maintenance and long work life, etc. Besides, oil feeding is possible when crane runs under severely high temperature, such that is needed in foundry factories.


EOT-reduction-box EOT-reduction-gears EOT-gear-reduction-box
Hoist LT CT


gantry-reduction-box gantry-reduction-gears gantry-motor-reduction-gearbox
Hoist LT LT



standard-gear-reduction-box vertical-gear-reducer-box twin-screw-extruder-gearbox
Standard Vertical Twin Screw





Mixer Drive


pulvariser-reduction-drive classifiers-reductor
Pulvariser Stirrer




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