High Strength Compact Dimension Gear Reducer Manufacturer For Crane

The gear reducer manufacturer of the crane is welded by steel plate, the box is annealed and destressed, the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is treated by carburizing and quenching, and the product is processed by grinding, the product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.

The gear reducer manufacturer for cranes is developed on the basis of the medium hardened reducer for cranes. The hard surface reducer of the crane is welded by steel plate, the box is annealed and destressed, the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is treated by carburizing and quenching, and the product is processed by grinding, the product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.

gear reducer manufacturer

Working conditions:

1) The peripheral speed of the low noise and high quality gear reduction motor is not more than 20m/s;

2) The speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 1500r/min;

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Professional Planetary Gearbox Flender For Alstom Mill

The mill is also called vertical mill. The mill is operated intermittently, and the slag is manually loaded into the iron bowl-shaped grinding disc of the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill, and is ground by a heavy grindstone, and the slag is crushed due to the weight of the grindstone itself. At the same time, because the distance between the points on the width of the grindstone is different from the central rotating shaft, the linear velocity of each point is different, so sliding friction occurs between the grindstone and the grinding disc, causing the slurry to be crushed and disintegrated.

The advantage of the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill is that the operation is easy and the equipment is simple. The disadvantage is that the equipment is heavy, intermittent operation, labor intensity, large floor space, and difficult to clean in the factory. Previously, the device has been used more and has been gradually reduced. The mill is an industrial equipment widely used in the selection or rough selection of various ores such as metallurgy, iron selection, molybdenum selection, strontium selection, silver selection and lead selection.

planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill

Mill application and advantages and disadvantages

The earliest grinding was spring-loaded with smaller gauges. It is used to grind coal powder in power plants and cement plants, and later in the cement plant, a small amount is used to grind raw materials. Hydraulic large-scale milling, which has been manufactured in recent years, is mainly used to grind raw materials in cement plants, and it accounts for an increasing proportion of raw material production.

planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill

Milling is usually carried out by hot air flow during drying. In recent years, the use of suspended preheating kiln and waste heat from the kiln outside the kiln has been mainly utilized. Since the planetary gearbox flender for alstom mill itself has a classifier or separator, the milled air stream containing the fine powder is collected by the dust collector to grind the finished product.

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Parallel Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer For Rolling Mill

When the small-diameter work roll is used, the rolling pressure is also small, the pass processing rate can be increased, the rolling pass can be reduced, and the hard and thin hard-to-deform material can be rolled without intermediate annealing. At the same pass reduction, the rolling pressure is only one-third that of a four-high mill, reducing energy consumption.

  1. The frame adopts integral cast steel. The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer has great rigidity in the longitudinal and transverse directions; the deflection of the roll is very small, and the work roll can withstand large rolling pressure and horizontal strip tension to prevent the similar four-roll mill from slenderening. Side bend of the work roll. With a special roll type control device, it is possible to roll thin strips with high thickness and high straightness.
  2. The rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer has a large opening degree, so the ability to wear the belt and handle the accident is greatly enhanced, the roll changing is convenient, the working rate is increased, and the rolling cost is low, which is only 40%-80% of the four-high rolling mill.
    Parallel Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
  3. The roller system is a tower-shaped structure, the work roller is driven by the friction of the four intermediate rollers, and the combined inline shaft three phase gearbox distributes the power for the four output shafts.


Roll system

The roll of the rolling mill with parallel shaft mounted speed reducer consists of a support roller, an intermediate roller, and a work roller.

  1. Support roller. The support rollers are respectively mounted in the upper and lower support roller frames, and have high rigidity. The support roller has three shafts, and a special backing bearing is installed on one shaft, and the roller is divided into several sections. The bearings on both sides are large, the intermediate bearings are small, and the bearing installation is staggered. The replacement is performed on the line, and only on the line. The frame is replaced.

2, Middle roller. The intermediate roll includes an inlet roll and an exit roll which are housed in the same bearing housing. The balance of the intermediate roller is realized by the hydraulic cylinder installed on the bending roller seat. At the same time, the positive roller is also applied to the intermediate roller, and the bending roller force can be adjusted at any time according to the rolled plate type to eliminate the wave of the rolled strip shape.

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Promotional and energy electric motor that we can manufacture

  1. The screw conveyor is divided into a shaft screw conveyor and a shaft less screw conveyor in the form of conveying, and is divided into a U-shaped screw conveyor and a tubular screw conveyor in the outer shape.


  1. The spiral blade welded on the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor has a solid surface type, a belt surface type, a blade surface type and the like according to different materials to be conveyed. China promotional and energy electric motor with hot sales.The screw shaft of the screw conveyor has a thrust bearing at the end of the material moving direction to give the axial reaction force of the spiral with the material. When the length of the machine is long, the intermediate hanging bearing should be added.
    Promotional and energy electric motor


  1. The development of screw conveyors is divided into two types of development: shaft screw conveyor and shaft less screw conveyor. One section of the conveyor has a motor with Promotional and energy electric. The shaft screw conveyor is composed of a screw, a U-shaped trough, a cover plate, an inlet and a discharge port and a driving device, and generally has three types of horizontal type, inclined type and vertical type.


  1. Screw conveyors are widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as grain industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, and transportation.The screw conveyor uses the promotional and energy electric motor to drive the spiral to achieve better results.


  1. In the port, screw conveyors are mainly used for unloading, unloading operations and horizontal and vertical conveying of bulk materials in warehouses. The screw unloading machine that removes the material layer by layer from the sides of the carriage by the horizontal screw shaft in direct contact with the material has been successfully used in domestic ports for many years. The promotional and energy electric motor applications are becoming more widespread.
    Promotional and energy electric motor


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Rv worm gearbox speed reducer that we can manufacture and supplier

  1. Rv worm gearbox speed reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque. In the mechanism for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive.


  1. Rv worm gearbox speed reducer can be seen in the transmission system of various types of machinery, from ships, cars, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing equipment and automatic production equipment used in the machinery industry, to household appliances that are common in daily life. , clocks, etc.
    Rv worm gearbox speed reducer


  1. Rv worm gearbox speed reducer application can be seen from the transmission of large power, to small loads, accurate angular transmission can be seen in the application of the reducer, and in industrial applications, the reducer has the function of deceleration and increased torque. Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.


  1. The main functions of the Rv worm gearbox speed reducer are:

Reduce the speed and increase the output torque at the same time. The torque output ratio is multiplied by the motor output and the reduction ratio, but it should be noted that the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded.

Deceleration also reduces the inertia of the load, and the reduction in inertia is the square of the reduction ratio. You can see that the general motor has an inertia value.

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ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear that we can manufacture

  1. ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries, the speed is not more than 10 m / s.


  1. The ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear is an involute cylindrical gear reducer, and the ZQ (H) type is a cylindrical gear reducer, which is formed on the basis of the ZQ type involute cylindrical gear reducer series. Time proves that the arc gear has longer life, higher capacity, higher strength and less tooth surface wear than the involute gear of the same specification.
    ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear


  1. ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear is mainly used for lifting machinery, and can also be used in general equipment such as mining machinery, chemical industry and light industry. The adaptation conditions are: high speed shaft speed is not more than 1500r/min; working ambient temperature is -40 to +45 degrees. It is suitable for forward and reverse two-way operation.


  1. ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries. The applicable conditions are as follows:
  • The peripheral speed of the gearbox of the reducer is not more than 10 m/s;
  • The speed of the high speed shaft of the reducer is not more than 1500 rpm;
  • The reducer is used for both forward and reverse directions;
  • The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40 ° C to +40 °
  • The reducer has nine transmission ratios, nine configuration types and three low-speed shaft end types;
  • The transmission ratios of such reducers are: 48.57, 40.17, 31.5, 23.34, 20.49, 15.75, 12.64, 10.35, 8.23.
    ZQ cylindrical parallel shaft reducing gear


  1. ZQ(H) series cylindrical gear reducer is a new type of speed reducer produced by our company. With its exquisite appearance, reliable operation, practical and quick operation, etc., it is used in lifting machinery, transportation machinery, light industrial production machinery and chemical machinery. It is widely used.

With Best Regards,

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Planetary series gear transmission box that we can manufacture

  1. Application: Planetary series gear transmission box ,widely used, initially with the motor, in addition to the micro gear motor, also used in the office automation of the sunshade industry, smart home, production automation, medical equipment, financial machinery, game consoles and other fields. Such as automatic curtains, smart toilets, lifting systems, money counters, advertising light boxes and other industries.


  1. At present, the planetary series gear transmission box on the market mainly have diameters of 16MM, 22MM, 28MM.32MM, 36MM, 42MM, and cooperate with the motor. The function can reach the load torque: 50KG 1-30W Load speed: 3-2000RPM.
    Planetary series gear transmission box


  1. Planetary series gear transmission box features: Compared with similar common tooth physics box, it has a smooth transmission, large bearing capacity, small space and large transmission ratio, especially life. If the gear is steel, the life can reach 1000Y, the volume is small, and the appearance is beautiful.


  1. Planetary series gear transmission box is an important component widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears meshes, there is inevitably a tooth pitch, tooth shape and other errors. During the operation, an meshing impact will occur and a gear meshing frequency will occur. Noise, frictional noise occurs between the tooth faces due to relative sliding.
    Planetary series gear transmission box


  1. Since gears are the basic part of the planetary series gear transmission box drive, reducing gear noise is necessary to control gearbox noise.


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China manufacture hot sales gearboxes are an important mechanical component that is widely used in wind turbines. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator and get the correspondin

  1. Usually, the rotation speed of the wind wheel is very low, which is far from the speed required for generator power generation. It must be realized by the speed increase action of the gear box gear pair. Therefore, china manufacture hot sales gearboxes is also called the speed increase box.


  1. China manufacture hot sales gearboxes is subjected to the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated during the gear transmission. It must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the force and torque to prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality.
    China manufacture hot sales gearboxes


  1. The design of the china manufacture hot sales gearboxes should be carried out according to the layout, processing and assembly conditions of the wind turbine power transmission, and easy inspection and maintenance. With the rapid development of the gearbox industry, more and more industries and different enterprises have applied gearboxes, and more and more enterprises have grown stronger in the gearbox industry.


  1. According to the modular design principle of the unit structure,china manufacture hot sales gearboxes greatly reduces the types of parts and is suitable for large-scale production and flexible and variable selection.


  1. China manufacture hot sales gearboxes widely used in printing and packaging machinery, three-dimensional garage equipment, environmental protection machinery, transportation equipment, chemical equipment, metallurgical mining equipment, steel power equipment, mixing equipment, road construction machinery, sugar industry, wind power generation, escalator elevator drive, ship field, light High-power, high-speed ratio, high-torque applications such as industrial fields, papermaking, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment, building materials industry, lifting machinery, conveyor lines, and assembly lines. It has a good cost performance and is conducive to the domestic equipment.
    China manufacture hot sales gearboxes


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China manufacture F series parallel shaft gear motor with high quality

  1. F series parallel shaft gear motor combined with international technical requirements, has high scientific and technological content, saves space, is reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, power can be 90KW, low energy consumption, superior performance, and the speed reduction effect is over 95%.


  1. F series parallel shaft gear motor low vibration, low noise, high energy saving, high quality forged steel material, steel cast iron box.


  1. F series parallel shaft gear motor is subjected to high frequency heat treatment and precision processed.To ensure the parallelism of the shaft and the accuracy of the positioning, all of the gear units of the gear transmission assembly are equipped with various types of electrodes, forming an electrode integration, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the product.
    F series parallel shaft gear motor


  1. F series parallel shaft gear motor structural feature editing:


——Modular design, wide transmission ratio coverage, fine and reasonable distribution; force reducer

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China manufacture R series helical gear motor with high quality

  1. R series helical gear motor is a machine that realizes electromechanical integration, high transmission efficiency and low energy consumption, and is used in metallurgy and sewage treatment.


  1. R series helical gear motor is designed and manufactured on the basis of modular combination system. There are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes. The transmission ratio is finely graded to meet different working conditions and the performance is superior.
    R series helical gear motor


  1. High-rigidity cast iron box with ribs; hard-toothed gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, the surface is hardened by carburizing and quenching, the grinding teeth are finely processed, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the bearing capacity is large. Low temperature rise and long life.R series helical gear motor widely used in many industries, such as metallurgy, sewage treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


4.R series hardened helical gear reducer details:

(1) Features: small offset output, compact structure, maximum use of box space, the use of integral casting box, good rigidity, can improve the strength of the shaft and bearing life.

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JZQ Helical Gear Box drive Reducer For Coal Mine Winch

The ZQ Series cylindrical gear reducer for coal mine winch plays the role of matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine, and is also the main part of the ground mine hoist.Coal mine winch reducers are widely used in modern machinery. In the 1970s and 1980s, the world's reducer technology has developed greatly.

The main factors that promote the improvement of the level of coal mine winch JZQ850 cylindrical speed reducer are:

(1) Development and improvement of hard tooth surface technology, such as large grinding technology, carburizing and quenching technology, gear strength calculation method, shaping technology, deformation and optimization design method, root reinforcement and its meta-transition, new structure, etc. .

(2) With good materials, various high-quality alloy steel forgings are generally used, and the quality control of materials and heat treatment is high.

JZQ Helical Gear Box drive reducer

(3) The structural design is more reasonable.

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CW Series Arc Cylindrical Worm Gear Reducer

The circular cylindrical worm gear reduction adopts single-stage worm reduction transmission, which conforms to the national standard GB9147-88. This standard has reached the international level in the 1980s. The full range of cast iron housing industrial worm speed reducer includes three models, sixteen center distances and twelve speed ratios. The input power range is between 0.39 and 189 kW and the output torque is between 107 and 43500 N.m. Since the worm wheel and the worm are convex and concave, most of the integrated radius of curvature in the meshing area is large, thereby reducing the tooth surface stress, increasing the tooth surface strength, and improving the bearing capacity, and the tooth shape reasonably thins the worm tooth thickness. Increases the root thickness of the worm gear, so the bending strength of the worm gear root increases, the transmission capacity increases, and the angle between the contact line and the peripheral speed is mostly between 40° and 90°, which is easy to form liquid lubrication. The coefficient of friction between the faces is small, so the efficiency is high and the temperature is low.

There are many types of CW series turbine gear box transmission, including: CWU worm in the down type, CWS worm in the side type, CWO worm in the upper type

There are 16 types of a=63, 80, 100, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500.

There are 12 kinds of transmission ratios i=5, 6.3, 8, 10, 12.5, 16, 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50, 63

CW Series Arc Cylindrical Worm Gear Reducer

CW: arc-tooth cylindrical worm gear unit U: worm position, "U" is lower, "O" is upper, "S" is side. 200 is center distance (mm) 20 is the nominal transmission ratio

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YEJ Series Electromagnetic Three-Phase Asynchronous Brake Motor

  1. Brief Introduction

The full name of YEJ motor is: YEJ series electromagnetic three-phase ac brake motor (referred to as: YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor), which is a three-phase asynchronous motor with fully enclosed, self-fan cooled and squirrel cage type DC electromagnet brake. It is in Y series. A DC disc type electromagnetic brake is added between the rear end cover of the motor and the fan, which is a derivative series of the Y series.

  1. Applied Range

Applicable to all kinds of machinery that require electromagnetic three-phase ac brake motor, accurate positioning, reciprocating operation, frequent starting and braking, as the main equipment for auxiliary transmission and auxiliary transmission.

Electromagnetic Three-Phase Ac Brake Motor


For example: electromagnetic three-phase ac brake motor, rubber chemical machinery, metal processing machine tools, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery and gear reducers.


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Best Quality ZDY Series Hard Tooth Surface Gear Reduction

  1. Brief Introduction

ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear reducer is a hardened reducer manufactured according to national standard (Gib19004-88). It mainly includes ZDY (single stage), ZLY (two stages), ZSY (three stages) and ZFY (four Level) four series.


  1. Applied Range

The DBY/DCY/DFY Hard Tooth cylinder Gear Reduction is suitable for transmissions in which the output input shaft is arranged vertically. Mainly used in belt conveyors and other transportation machinery ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear reducer drawings, can also be used in metallurgy, mining, construction, cement, light industry, energy and other general machinery transmission mechanism.


  1. Feature

The center distance, transmission ratio and other main optimization designs ZDYsingle-stage cylindrical gear reducer, mainly zero, good component. The gears are made of high-quality alloy just carburized and quenched, and the gear hardness reaches HRC58-62.

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Cyclo AC Synchronous Gear Motor For Gravity-Free Mixers

Gravity-free mixers can be roughly divided into two types: ordinary gravity-free mixers, one type of fly-knife type gravity-free mixers, and the latter mainly for one type in which the fibers are cut in the material and then mixed by the flying knife.

Performance characteristics

The rotation speed of the shaft driven by the cycloidal drive reducer and the structure of the blade will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is neglected during the mixing process. Intense mixing movement shortens the mixing time, faster and more efficient. Even if the material has a difference in specific gravity and particle size, a good mixing effect can be achieved under the rapid and vigorous tumbling of the staggered stirring blades.

The gravity-free mixer with single stage cycloidal gearbox can achieve a spray operation of less than 17%, and materials with too much viscosity after adding liquid are not suitable. It can be mixed with solid (powder)-solid (powder) (powder size 300-2000um).According to the production requirements, it is also possible to install a spray and a jacket device to make it a solid (powder)-liquid (mixing and drying equipment with a liquid content <15%).

cyclo ac synchronous gear motor

The mixing of materials with large differences in specific gravity and particle size does not produce stratified segregation. When the solid-solid mixture is mixed at 1:1000, the standard deviation is between 30,000 and 100,000.

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Hard Tooth Surface Reduction Gearbox For Bending Machine

The bending machine with single-stage cylindrical gearbox is a kind of equipment for bending and forming a sheet by using a work roll, and can form parts of different shapes such as a cylindrical piece and a cone, and is a very important processing equipment. The working principle of the coiling machine is to make the work roll move by the action of external force such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force, so that the sheet is bent or rolled. According to the rotation movement and position change of the work rolls of different shapes, elliptical parts, curved parts, cylindrical parts and the like can be processed.

hard tooth surface reduction gearbox

Working principle

The oil acts on the piston for vertical lifting movement, and the final gear of the main hard tooth surface reduction gearbox drives the two lower roller gears to engage in a rotary motion to provide torque for the rolled sheet. The flat plastic sheet of the coiling machine with cylindrical gearing arrangement passes through the three work rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the coiling machine, and the metal plate passes through multiple passes by the lower pressing of the upper roll and the rotating motion of the lower roll. Continuous bending (inner layer compression deformation, middle layer constant, outer layer tensile deformation), permanent plastic deformation, roll into the required cylinder, cone or part of them. The disadvantage of this hydraulic three-roll bending machine is that the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent by means of other equipment.

Structural features

The automatic feeding equipment of the coiling machine is mainly composed of a sheet material trolley, an actuator, a sheet conveying mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism. The sheet trolley is used to place the sheet to be rolled. The main function of the actuator is to transport the sheet to be rolled on the sheet trolley to the feeding platform. The handling of the sheet is mainly applied to the Cartesian robot and the vacuum chuck picking device. In industrial automation systems, it is often necessary to pick and load workpieces, and vacuum chucks are widely used as suction-cup robots.

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Three-phase asynchronous motor manufacture with high quality and good price


  1. The rotation speed of the rotor of the three-phase asynchronous motor is lower than the rotation speed of the rotating magnetic field, and the rotor winding generates electromotive force and current due to the relative motion between the magnetic field and the magnetic field, and interacts with the magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque to realize energy conversion.


  1. Compared with single-phase asynchronous motors, three-phase asynchronous motors have good running performance and can save various materials.
    Three-phase asynchronous motor


  1. According to the rotor structure, three-phase asynchronous motors can be divided into two types: cage type and winding type. The asynchronous motor of the cage rotor has simple structure, reliable operation, light weight and low price, and has been widely used. The main disadvantage is that the speed regulation is difficult.


  1. The rotor of the wound-type three-phase asynchronous motor is also provided with a three-phase winding like a stator and is connected to an external varistor through a slip ring and a brush. Adjusting the varistor resistance improves the starting performance of the motor and regulates the speed of the motor.


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China explosion-proof electric motors that we can supply and manufactures

  1. Explosion-proof electric motors are used as the main power equipment and are commonly used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery. It is also widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine and other departments.


2.The rated voltage, rated current, power, and speed are the same as those for ordinary motors. The difference is that the explosion-proof electric motor has more explosion-proof signs: Ex

First, the explosion-proof type + equipment category + (gas group) + temperature group explosion-proof type:

  1. Flameproof type Ex d2. Sand filling type Ex q3. Increased safety type Ex e4. Pouring type Ex m5. Positive pressure type Ex p

6.n type Ex n7. intrinsically safe type E x ia Ex ib8. special type Ex s9. oil immersion type Ex o10. dust explosion-proof type DIP A DIP B2

Explosion-proof electric motor


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Low speed motor heavy duty motor gearbox for hoist that we can manufacture

  1. Some of these machines of low speed motor heavy duty motor can be used as motors or as generators.


  1. Energy shortages have also become a topic of common concern around the world. At the same time, the state has also put forward the requirements of promoting the technology of variable frequency permanent magnet motor. Under this background, the technology of low speed motor heavy duty motor permanent magnet synchronous motor is also becoming more and more mature, and it is widely used in various industries.
    Low speed motor heavy duty motor


  1. Low speed motor heavy duty motor has the advantages of low speed and large torque, simple structure, high power factor, high efficiency, small volume, low noise and high reliability.


  1. Lightweight development.Due to the installation space, carrying and other factors, the requirements for light weight and small volume are proposed for the low speed motor heavy duty motor . Such as underground coal mining, CNC machine tools, medical equipment, ship propulsion, portable mechatronics products, etc. have such requirements.


  1. With the development of the industry, the requirements for electric motors are not simply to provide power, but to present a variety of performance requirements. For example, the aerospace industry requires high performance and high reliability. The chemical fiber industry, CNC machine tools, intelligent machining centers and other equipment require high speed accuracy.
    Low speed motor heavy duty motor


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NGW planetary gear reducer features and scope of application

一,NGW planetary gear reducer features and scope:

    The NGW planetary gear reducer is mainly constructed with a sun gear, a planetary gear, an inner ring gear and a planet carrier.

   In order to evenly distribute the loads of the three planet wheels, a toothed floating mechanism is used, that is, the sun gear or the planet carrier floats, or both the sun gear and the planet carrier float at the same time. The gears in the reducer are straight-tooth involute cylindrical gears. Has the following characteristics:

  1. Small in size and light in weight. Under the same conditions, it is 1/2 or more lighter than the ordinary involute cylindrical gear reducer, and the volume is 1/2 to 1/3.

    2, the transmission efficiency is high: single-stage planetary gear reducer reaches 97% ~ 98%; two-stage planetary gear reducer reaches 94% ~ 96%; three-stage planetary gear reducer 91% ~ 94%.

    3, the transmission power range is large: can be from less than 1KW to 1300KW, or even larger.

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