ZLYJ series extruder gear reducers revision notice.

November 1, in the effort with group purchasing and quality assurance departments, under the careful development and manufacturing of a lean manufacturing technology sector, the country's two new revision ZLYJ173 Mao and ZLYJ200 prototype, once developed. Older contrast, the new revision of these two ZLYJ series gear reducers products, mainly significant breakthrough following five aspects -
First, the original wooden box mold mold, all replaced by a new design of the mold. Mold has three advantages: 1, casting surface is more smooth, flat, you can spray paint directly on the surface, eliminating the old original box Pihui milling and grinding processes, not only shorten the processing cycle, and improve efficiency, but also cost savings. 2 directly wooden mold easily exclude defective situation legacy foundry sand in the box in the corner. 3, according to the mechanical requirements, the new design is more compact shape, adding many rounded design, better thermal performance, while products are also more in line with the requirements of modern industry artistic taste.
Second, the internal high-speed shaft bearing original tapered roller bearings, replace all self-aligning roller bearings. Aligning bearings have three advantages: 1, self-aligning bearing operation more stable, longer life. 2-aligning bearing on the accuracy of axial clearance adjustment, requiring significantly lower and easier to mass production. 3, self-aligning bearing, even when the axial movement is generated, not like, like the formation of a conical taper bearing exercise, causing fatal injuries to seal. Thus, the lower the probability of oil spills.
Third, through technological innovation, high-speed level labyrinth seal cover method, a single seal structure, compared to the old conventional double seal structure, not only reduces the probability of oil spills, but also cost savings.
4. All ZLYJ225 following models, the combination of surface screws from the original studs, replace the unified hex screws. Hexagon has three advantages: 1, hex screw stud directly ruled out opening and closing boxes difficult and fragile and screw nut length protruding level of inconsistency, the disadvantage intractable. 2, the appearance of a more unified appearance, assembly efficiency improved significantly. 3, some screw models, with other GM models, reducing the material type, easier purchasing and inventory control.
Five, after a new optimized design technology sector, external lubrication pipes have such three advantages: 1, more uniform appearance of lines, modular, to eliminate the appearance of older products are not unified, greater randomness shortcomings. 2, reducing the technical requirements for piping layout, making it simple, simple, and easier to operate. 3, small machines increases the external piping type small filtering equipment, so cleaning and maintenance, easier, simpler, and improved lubrication conditions, extending the life of the equipment.


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Friday, 14 June 2024

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