High Efficient motor rapidly developed with policy support

With China's accession to WTO, the domestic motor industry faced enormous competitive pressures and challenges. Seeing from the international and domestic development trend, developing China's high-efficiency motors is necessary and it is also a market requirement. So that make our electric motor products keep up with the international trend,. According to statistics, in 2002 China accounted for more than 60% on the electrical motor power consumption of the country. And the power is about 35%, which is power-hungry.

three asynchronous motor


It is reported that China's industrial energy consumption accounts for 70% of total energy consumption, including electrical energy consumption accounts for 60% to 70% of industrial energy consumption, coupled with the non-energy industrial motors, motor actual energy of the total energy consumption more than 50%. Now low proportion of applications of energy efficient motors. According to the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of small motors for domestic motor 198 key enterprises sample survey, the proportion of energy efficient motors which reach more than 2 only 8%, which on the whole society had a tremendous waste of resources. Why efficient motor has not really enter the market? The higher prices, the market situation is not ideal, so that fewer manufacturers, resulting in user awareness of efficient motor is not enough, this is one of the main reasons. This year, the Ministry of Industry on March 26 issued the "2013 industrial energy efficiency and green development special action plan" put forward the notification, in 2013 will focus on promoting the implementation of special programs to enhance the energy efficiency of the motor. Target special action is: to achieve savings of 1% of the country's industrial electricity consumption (about 300 million degrees), to explore the pattern of industrial energy efficiency and green development and implementation of ways to achieve a point, and drive energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of overall industrial progress. According to an embodiment, in 2013 the Ministry will promote efficient motors, eliminating six aspects of the existing inefficient motors and motor systems and other aspects of energy-saving technological transformation, extension, elimination and energy-saving motors and motor systems 100 million kilowatts, expand market share high efficiency motor and promote the upgrading of electrical products and industrial upgrading. Thus, the government is to promote efficient motor, but needs to continue to increase promotional efforts. But in the current market economy, short-sighted companies are reducing their procurement costs, which is a high efficiency motor price become a contradiction. Therefore, the promotion of efficient motors also need politicians to improve the focus on efficiency, high efficiency motor conduction efficiency can quickly link to the downstream market in order to present the hugely popular scene.

Gearbox for power generation system

In the wind power generation system, the transmission gearbox plays a very important role. But many people know very little characteristics of the device. In fact, every aspect of the gearbox size and designs can be done in accordance with the demand, with Turbine gearbox. so to meet the requirements of individual users.

In order to low the noise generated during concrete work, gearbox work process to take acoustic mode, so the overall production will produce a very important significance. And the input and output also has a very wide range of features, so our friends should be better cognitive content of this part of the overall requirements of each party ideals.

Natural gearbox specific installation methods also varied, horizontal, vertical, swing base type so you can choose, each mode has its own different characteristics. The process of purchasing products, our friends should also be concerned about the size, just choose the right product specifications, so as to achieve more desirable results.

Gear reducer used for Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor

Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor gearbox It applies to 40T scraper conveyor SGB-630 / 150C, SGB-630/75, SGB-630/150 type scraper gear reducer is mainly used for general mining gently inclined thin seam working face, in the middle slot on the conveyor to transport coal , supporting MLQ1-80 type, DY-150 single drum shearer, MLD1-170 single drum shearer, hydraulic prop working face pillars can be used (since the beginning of injection-type and external injection type two) or metal columns, metal roof beams. Trough bridge loader can be equipped with telescopic belt conveyor and scraper conveyor. The gear Reducer generally used for low speed high torque transmission device, the motor combustion engine power or other high speed through the gear reducer input shaft smaller teeth number gear output shaft gear reducer to achieve the purpose, Common reducer on the same principle will also have a few gears to achieve the desired reduction effect than the number of teeth of the gear size, it is the transmission ratio.

1, high-speed shaft speed reducer is usually not more than 1500r / min, the gear is not greater than the peripheral linear speed of 10m / s;

2, the use of ambient temperature reducer -40 ℃ ─45 ℃. When the ambient temperature at the bottom to start 0 ℃, response lubricating oil to warm up. When the ambient temperature is above 45 ℃, cooling measures taken to deal with reducer;

3, Gearbox and forward and backward for continuous operation;

4, the working environment is non-corrosive and non-sexual situations.

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Gear Lubricants knowledge introduction

Gear Lubricants knowledge introduction
Bevel gear, helical gears ,cylindrical gear (SPUR GEARS),spiral bevel gear,worm snail bar (WORM & WORM WHEELS),reducer (SPEED REDUCERS) / gearbox, etc.
Gear Lubricants referred gear oil, which is mainly used to lubricate the various mechanical gears.Gear oils and engine lubricants, as also the group consisting of mineral oil type (or synthetic) base oil and additives corresponding
A. Gear oils and gear oil can be divided into two categories industrial gear oils.
Gear oil Introduction
Vehicle gear oil is mainly used in automobile, engineering machinery transmission, steering, front and rear drive axle. Gearbox, universal joints needle bearings and other parts, but also for tanks, ships, and the corresponding load and working conditions
Gear member. Industrial gear oil is mainly used to open under various load conditions, semi-open, closed and Worm gear.
First, the gear oil working conditions and its role:
A variety of mechanical transmission gear mechanism, according to its different axes of the mutual positional relationship can be divided into parallel Shaft drive, intersect and cross shaft drive shaft drive. According to the shape of each type of transmission in different gears and teeth have different
Transmission methods, such as parallel shaft drive spur gears, helical gears, spur gears herringbone; Intersecting axis drive straight bevel gears, helical bevel gears, spiral bevel gears; staggered shaft drive has hyperbolic
Gears, worm, helical gear.
1. gear characteristics and working conditions of gear oil
    (1) high-efficiency gear, generally cylindrical gear transmission efficiency up to 98%, compared with the bearing, gear
Equivalent curve radius wheel is small, wedge poor conditions.
    (2) gear tooth is in line contact with the teeth, and therefore, the contact area, contact pressure units high.
General Automotive gear unit contact pressure up 2000-3000MPa, while higher hypoid gear up to
3000 a 4000MPa.
    (3) gear not only line contact, there is sliding contact, especially between the hypoid gear, tooth
They have a higher relative sliding velocity, generally up to about 8m / o. This is in the high speed high load conditions, will
Thin film and even a partial rupture, leading to increased friction and wear, and even cause abrasions and bite.
    (4) gear oil operating temperature is generally lower than the internal combustion engine oil, in large part with the ambient temperature changes
Changes, vehicle gear oil temperature is generally not higher than 100'C. Modern cars use hypoid gear, its axis
Line a large offset high gear side will ask the vehicle speed is high relative sliding speed, the oil temperature reaches
160'C a 180'C.
2. The role of gear oil in the gear
   (1) reduce wear gears and other moving parts, prolong gear life.
   (2) reduce friction, reduce power loss.
   (3) dispersing the heat, since a certain cooling effect.
   (4) to prevent corrosion and rust.
   (5) reduces operating noise and reduce vibration and shock effect between gears.
   (6) washing the dirt, especially among rushed tooth surface dirt, reducing wear and tear.
Second, the gear oil properties:
The purpose of the use of different gear oil, conditions of use varies widely with its performance as follows Claim:
    1. Good oil and extreme pressure anti-wear
    Oily refers gear oil can effectively adsorb oil film lubrication between moving surfaces, have lower
The nature of the low friction. Abrasion resistance refers to the oil held in the oil film between the moving parts, can effectively prevent the metal
Direct contact between the ability to add some of the active substance with polar molecules in the gear oil can improve its oil
Sex, oxides of these oily agents polar end and the metal surface adsorption occurs, to form a strong oily
Membranes, polar end oiliness agent may also form a metal soap type lubricant film and the metal oxide surface, to strengthen the tooth
Wheel lubrication oil, to prevent direct contact tooth surface, to reduce friction, thereby reducing wear. Some of the gear transmission
Move, often working under extreme pressure lubrication harsh conditions, the pressure, sliding speed and local temperatures
High, which requires adding extreme pressure gear oil additives. Extreme pressure additives are typically chemically active
Parathion, parathion chlorine-type or oil-soluble zinc compounds, these additives at high temperature and pressure conditions and extreme metal tooth shape
To iron chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus compounds or complexes, to form a high melting point of the inorganic film, this film has a very
Extreme pressure resistance properties, but also have the role of resistance to shock loading, can be effectively prevented under high load conditions
Tooth surface scratches and bite.
2. Good viscosity-temperature characteristics
      All kinds of lubricating oil viscosity decreases with increasing temperature, the smaller the proportion of decline, its viscosity-temperature performance
The better. Especially in the automotive and construction machinery gear oil operating temperature range varies greatly, therefore, hope that the gear oil
Viscosity change with temperature as low as possible. Gear oil viscosity-temperature characteristics as well, when you start the viscosity is too large,
Easy to start, and run to a temperature high limit viscosity is too small. Viscosity gear oil is also important usability
One great energy, viscosity influence on the formation of the oil film. In general, high viscosity gear oil can effectively prevent the gear
And bearing damage, reduce noise and minimize leakage mechanical operation; low-viscosity oil to improve the operating efficiency of machinery plus
Transmission is stronger cooling and cleaning action and the oil has an advantage. In order to reduce fuel consumption, foreign introduced hair
Engine oil, gear oil of low viscosity. The advantages of low viscosity gear oil agitating resistance is small gear teeth, and
Has good low temperature fluidity, at low temperature to ensure lubrication. In recent years, the country has produced some of the low viscosity
Degree of gear oil, in order to change its lubricating properties and Poor's added some pleiotropic additives which reduce power loss
Is very favorable. Of course, in the use of its body, to strengthen the gear box sealed to prevent gear oil
3. Good low temperature fluidity
    Automotive gear oil requirements at low temperatures can maintain the necessary fluidity, if the gear oil at a low temperature strip
Lower member wax precipitation, a sharp rise in viscosity, it can not ensure effective lubrication, low temperature start torque is increased, so that
Was an increase in fuel consumption.
   Tests showed low apparent viscosity gear oil lubrication reliability of the vehicle starting an important shadow
Ring. Inflows driving bevel gear axle vehicles after the start, rear axle (front axle) gear oil is Jijian to upper rear axle housing
Cheng, when asked if this is too long, there may be due to lack of oil bearing burned. Therefore, the requirements of the vehicle so that the gear oil
With the apparent viscosity at low temperature of not more than 1.5X100000mPa.s. Vehicle gear oil specifications apparent bid out
1.5X100000mpa.s temperature viscosity when it determines the gear oil for the minimum temperature, the election
One important basis for gear oil used. In order to be able to adapt to the requirements of gear oil under low temperature in winter conditions, tooth
Round to join the oil pour point depressants, to improve its low temperature fluidity.
4. Good thermal oxidation stability
     Gear oil under severe operating conditions, in air, water and metal catalyzed oxidation rate
Accelerate, the viscosity increases, resulting insolubles and corrosive substances and resin and asphaltene, nature deterioration and easy milk
Technology and produce foam, so Huanyouzhouqi shortened. To retard oxidation gear oils, typically added phenol in oil,
Amine or curing type antioxidant additives.
5. Good rust and corrosion
   Rust resistance refers to the gear oil to protect gear from corrosion, thus ensuring performance and prolong gear so
Life. Gear during operation, the moisture in the air condenses into water gearbox, thus requiring gear
Oil should have good rust resistance. In order to enhance rust resistance gear oil, generally added salt or salts of fatty acids
And other anti-corrosion additives. Plus there is extreme pressure gear oil additives, extreme pressure additives due to sulphide, sulfur on copper
Easy to produce corrosion, therefore, to join in the gear oil in anti-corrosion additives, which can form on the metal surface protection
Protective film to prevent corrosion of metal corrosive substances.
6. Good anti-foam
   Gear oils requires a good anti-foam to ensure under operating conditions, intense stir in gear
Mixing process produces less foam and easy to disappear.

Flender type gearbox in China

From the Flender brand getting into China market, the china power transmission gearbox factories has a big pressure. But lots of products of gearboxes are copied from Flender’s. The helical bevel gearbox, the helical gearmotors and so on..
The first Flender brand factory in China is in Tianjin city and now is Siemens Mechanical Drive Systems (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Which was Flender Power Transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd before. The company is located in the Beichen hi-tech industrial park. In 2005, Flanders was bought by Siemens Industry Sector Drive Technologies (formerly known as: Siemens Automation and Drives Group) .After the acquisition of Flender, Siemens is able to provide customers with total solutions from starter drive / drive to the gearbox.
The company's power transmission equipment products include standard gearboxes, gear motors, worm reducer, heavy duty gears, industrial gearboxes, wind power generation products, couplings, gears and other parts. Used in light industry, building materials, mining, electricity, metallurgy, port handling, chemical and environmental industries.

In the past 10 years, Flender Group enlarges investment for several times and are mainly for the expansion of the warehouse, construction gear processing plant (Phase II) and assembly centers (ie Phase III). What is noticeable is completed using the assembly center which covers an area of 27,000 square meters, a warehouse, assembly, testing area, painting lines and shipping areas. Assembly center has a total of three assembly lines, respectively, for the assembly of small and medium-sized products, heavy-duty gear products and industrial applications.

F series Helical PARALLEL Drive

Our Helical PARALLEL Drive is same diemsnion as SEW-europedrive F series.Ours can well replce SEW brand Helical PARALLEL Drive. But our prices are much lower than theirs.

There are so many mountings for this helical drives such as Universal Base, Flange and Hollow Bore,Mounting with Competitive Interchange Capability. So it can be installed flexiable. Mounting position must be specified on all orders, and included in the reducer description, so the correct amount of oil is installed at the factory.

For the inside parts of this parallel drives, High Capacity Ball and Tapered Bearings with Splash Lubrication, Factory Filled and Enhanced High Tensile Strength Steel Shafting with Low Notch Sensitivity.

For the Helical PARALLEL Drive installed with various kind electric motor, with brake or VFD or high efficiency, reliability and durability. This can be choosed by the customers. As a High Efficiency COMPACT Helical PARALLEL Drive motors, it make a big torque to fit all industries including of Conveyors & Conveying Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Food Processing, Bottling Equipment, Bulk Material Handling.

Cycloidal gear Reducers

With more than 30years manufacturing cycloidal gear reducers, our factory has been the top quality factory for producing cyclo drive gears. This type gearbox has a high transmission efficiency, more than worm and helical gear type.

We also supply all the spare parts for this power transmission structure.  the cyclo gears, the pin wheel, the small parts including of bearings and seals. That is very important parts for all the cycloidal gear reducer.


The cycloidal gear motor can be in various mounting way, horizontal or vertical with flange.  Some are used as the power source of mixer. This is a very common Application. 

 Cycloidal gear Reducers is playing more and more important role in the industry application today and there will be a larger requirement in future. We have the best facility in China and with the most experience. 

Concrete truck mixer gearbox

Recently, after 200 hours of operation testing, The HNR70T Concrete mixer truck mixer gearbox which is produces by Xuzhou Xugong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd is successfully installed for using. Among the testing, low noise, smoothly and steady driving and high efficiency. There is no difference on the effect compared to the imported ones. On the performance, this mixer gearbox reducer is given high recognition.for the user.

Since the establishment of XCMG, they faster the progress of transmission parts corollary equipment. Based on existing complementary products, expanding supporting enterprises and products. For this gearbox host’s success installing, not only supported the provision for a similar products, but also reflects that the Xugong transmission parts can replace the imported gearbox transmission products and enhance the ability of XCMG key core components.

Chinese Embassy in France counsellor visit Guomao

In 11th and 17th , the Chinese Embassy in France political counsellor Jin Xudong came to Guomao group, comprehensive visited Guomao in the industry's largest modernization "reducer and motor R&D manufacturing base" development. Group Chairman Xu Guozhong warm reception, accompanied by general manager Xu Bin.

A short period of time, two times in a row to Guomao group. Legendary development, innovation and social responsibility with Guomao gave Jin Xudong counsellor deep impression and feelings. Jin Xudong said, communicate with the chairman Xu and visit workshop the production line, Guomao the responsibility and top-ranking struggle, let him special feeling. Therefore, he will support the Guomao twice in business transformation and upgrading, and hope that Guomao can better play their own advantages, to better serve the country, more for China's economic construction and transformation efficiency.


Chinese authority reports about gear reducer industry

According to Chinese authority reports, Industry of gear reducers large amount relatively are in food machinery, electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, chemical machinery, light machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, irrigation machinery, petroleum machinery, etc. These industries use gear reducers number of products using various sectors accounted for 60% -70% of the total quantity.
International market demand for heavy machinery and equipment and spare parts will increase. With the gradual recovery of the national economy in Europe and America, to re-establish the status of the real economy in the national economy, and infrastructure needs of developing countries, heavy machinery products have more room for development in the international market.
In the heavy machinery market demand increased, the industry is also product upgrades, integration of the two aspects of energy conservation work carried out fruitful. In terms of product upgrades, years of the same old product in accelerating the pace of technological updates. Gantry crane industry enterprises to adopt jointly or independently developed the way, have the old product innovation, product upgrades formed a boom industry. Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute jointly launched many enterprises Series lightweight overhead crane work, currently made progress. Industry actively introduce VVVF drive technology, remote and information technology to accelerate the upgrading of products to high-end technology. Industry development crane gearless variable frequency drives began to test the water main lifting device in the market.
With national attention on the mechanical manufacturing industry started to accelerate the process of localization of major equipment, as well as urban renewal, venue construction and other projects, the reducer market prospects, the industry will maintain rapid development momentum, especially gear reducer growth will be greatly improved, which is mostly imported equipment for the use of gear reducer related.
Is a power transmission gear mechanism, its purpose is to reduce the use of speed, increase the torque. It's a wide range of different models, different species have different purposes. Heavy machinery reducer designed products include all kinds of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, worm gear and cycloid gear reducer, also includes a variety of special gear.

China SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox manufacture

The German SEW-EURODRIVE Group is a professional production of gearmotors, indusrtial gearbox, multinational frequency electronic equipments, technical level and market share rank world leader. The China SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox manufacture company are since 1995, adhering to the spirit of enterprise "pursuit of excellence, excellence" and puting  Germany's advanced manufacturing technology over the years. The Chinese people's wisdom and hard work combined to quality, service, localization three Big development strategies as the main line, conscientious, dependable and hardworking, has developed into a well-known Chinese machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Today, The SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox China branch has a total of three factories in China. With seven assembly and technical service centers, more than 50 offices and service network throughout the country among major cities. SEW-EURODRIVE products are widely used in various industrial fields, light industry, chemical industry, building materials machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, environmental protection, coal mining, automotive, port construction. Become the brand of choice for a number of national key projects.

Depending on power requirements, space and technical specifications, The SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox China factory offers the full range of gear units in a modular system: Helical, parallel-shaft helical, helical-bevel, helical-worm, and SPIROPLAN ® right-angle gear units. Input covers, motor adapters and various clamping joints in line with the gear unit family are also available from SEW-EURODRIVE

Driving the world – with innovative drive solutions for all industries and for every application. Products and systems from SEW-EURODRIVE are used all over the world. Be it in the automotive, building materials, food and beverage or metal-processing industry – the decision to use drive technology “made by SEW-EURODRIVE” stands for reliability for both functionality and investment.


China gear speed drive industry trend for 2015

As a power transmission gear mechanism, the gear reducer drive by the speed converter, turn the motor speed decelerated to a desired number of rotations and obtain a larger torque at the same time.
According to one Industry Market Research Center, the most industries which is using gear drives are: electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, light machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, etc. and all these industries accounted for 60% to 70% of all.

With the rapid development in recent years, the domestic economy, the heavy machinery industry exports increased, as an important basis for the development of the industry reducer industry extraordinarily rapid. Reducers Enterprise is toward the expansion of production scale, processing capacity and technology continued to improve development. Reducer future market prospects for the industry will be bright
In the heavy machinery market demand increase, the industry is also product upgrades, integration of the two aspects of energy conservation fruitful work. The upgrading of products, years of the same old product in accelerating the pace of technological update. Gantry crane industry enterprises to adopt a joint or independent way of development, we have the old product innovation, product upgrades of the formation of the industry boom. Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute jointly carried out many enterprises bridge crane series lightweight work, now made progress. Industry actively introduce Frequency transmission technology, remote control and information technology, accelerate the upgrading of products to high-end technology. Industry development crane gearless variable frequency drives began to test the water main lifting device in the market.

International market demand for heavy machinery and equipment and spare parts will also increase. With the gradual recovery of the national economy in Europe and America, to re-establish the status of the real economy in the national economy, and infrastructure needs of developing countries, heavy machinery will be more room for development in the international market.

Catalog of our products that is here!

The power transmission gear and control technology is one of the core technologies of industrial manufacturing equipment, China's power transmission and control technology, equipment needs have a huge market demand, it is reported that in 2016 the world's intelligent equipment and robot market output value has more than 100 billion US dollars, "Wisdom industry" will be the next 20 years to lead the global industry development leading force. China's manufacturing equipment market sales have accounted for one-fifth of the global total, becoming the world's largest manufacturing equipment to buy the country, China "intellectual industry" is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. In order to promote China and the world in the power transmission and control technology exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win sharing opportunities for development, 2017 13th China (Beijing) International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition will seize the opportunity in China's capital Beijing.
  With high visibility and Aggregation effect. The exhibition covers a range of automation and related materials, manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and other categories in the power transmission industry chain. It is a unique international exhibition platform for the power transmission automation market, including exhibition display, technical exchange, trade cooperation and brand promotion. , For the power transmission and control equipment production suppliers, agents, distributors and end users of the excellent exchange and cooperation opportunities for buyers to provide comprehensive and comprehensive one-stop procurement services. The exhibition, will be a strong demand in northern China as the basis, to create the Asia-Pacific region as well as the world's top influence of the power transmission industry event!

Bucket elevator type gearbox

TH-type bucket elevator chain type Product Overview:
TH series bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting equipment, the series bucket elevator chain forged as part of the drive, with strong mechanical strength, mainly used to hoist the powder and small particles and small bulk materials , different from the TD-belt bucket elevator, lift its larger, more efficient operation. Its often used to enhance a large proportion of the material. Widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mining, oil, food, feed, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Two, TH-type bucket elevator chain basic structure:
The machine is equipped with two kinds of hoppers: ZH-type (deep bucket) are generally used to transport wet, easy caking, throw harder materials, such as wet sand, sand, fertilizer, base fertilizer base powder. SH-type (deep bucket) are generally used to transport dry, easy to throw loose materials, such as cement, gravel, coal and so on. This machine is gearing has two forms, each equipped with ZJ reducer and ZQ reducer. ZJ-type shaft-mounted reducer directly sets the spindle axis head, eliminating the transmission platform, coupling, so that the compact, lightweight, and with internal shaped roll backstop, backstop and reliable, the noise reducer low, stable operation, and with the spindle floating installation can eliminate stress. TH-type bucket elevator maximum throughput 365m3 / h, maximum lifting height of 50m.

Three, TH-type chain bucket elevator main characteristics:
Transport volume, compared with the same bucket width HL type, transmission type increases the amount of TH nearly doubled. Adopted assembled sprocket. There are wheel rim connection is made with high strength bolts. Sprocket wear to a certain extent, you can unscrew the bolt, removable rim, easy to replace, saving and demolition materials, reducing maintenance costs. The lower part of the lever-type tensioning device weight, you can achieve automatic tensioning. After the first installation without adjustment, and can maintain a constant tension, thus ensuring the normal operation of the machine, to avoid slipping or off the chain. Traction member of HSLA park chain, after appropriate heat treatment, with high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, long service life.

The gearbox and gear reducers are used in bucket elevator is mainly of cycloidal gear motors, helical hevel industrial gearboxes and DCY China gearboxes.

1. cycloidal pin-wheel gear motors

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A vertical mill gear speed reducer has been developed successfully

Developed by the Guomao Group, who has complete independent intellectual property rights of a GMLX60-02 vertical mill gear reducer, is in the completion of the assembly. After testing, its performance targets are met or exceeded design requirements.
With weight 17.5 tons, an input power of 600 kilowatts of this vertical mill gear speed reducer, there is another notable feature is the use of lower bearing disc rolling friction. According to the test results, compared with the use of sliding friction, the mechanical efficiency is significantly increased by 10%. Successful production of such reducer, indicating GUOMAO series gear speed reducer has a big achievement. which will provide a strong new impetus to the development of Guomao Reducer Group for a higher grade.

According to Guomao's technical experts engineer Zhang, this vertical mill gearbox, completely relying on the company's existing resources, the full integration of modern design and manufacture of the latest achievements, equipped with the world's most advanced hydraulic and lubrication technology, as well as multiple security , fully automated measurement and control technology - mechanical, electrical, fluid integration and operation of real-time security control security systems, to ensure that the large hydrostatic bearings and gears of reliable operation.


A New Rolling Mill Dedicated Reducer

Today , a new rolling mill dedicated reducer has successfully delivered to Xi,an and acceptance by customer.

Since this reducer is used in a particular copper rolling equipment, design requirements, manufacturing heavy task, delivering a tight schedule , so to be able to schedule the completion of the quality and quantity of these orders, then , despite the holiday break, but the technical department and manufacture four , six, seven soldiers who are still meditative focus , overtime, work together . Finally successfully provide this excellence result.

2015 Shanghai international Gear and Equipment Exhibition

On 27th-29th October 2014, organized by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers of China General Machine Components Industry Association, China Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association, China General Machine Components Industry Association gears Branch (CGMA), Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Hangzhou advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd., and other contractors, China international industry Conference will be held in Shanghai Everbright international Hotel. More than 300 downstream industries gear experts and entrepreneurs from home and abroad, will gather to make the gear industry development plan. To enhance the overall development of new technologies and new products, the organizing committee decide to held "2015 Shanghai international Gear and Equipment Exhibition" on 19-21 May 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Ranges of displaying on the IGTE

Gear production and processing equipment area: measuring instruments, gear pair and worm gear tester, universal measuring tools, coordinate measuring instrument, projectors, tools and measuring instruments, universal tool CNC hobbing machine, slotting machine, CNC milling machine, CNC honing machines, CNC gear chamfering machine, CNC machine crowded teeth, six small module horizontal axis CNC hobbing, gear grinding machines, CNC gear and spline cold forming machines, gear cutting machines, cutter, cutting knife, chamfering knife , cutter, hob, hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, drills, punching knife;

Gear Zone: heavy duty gear, high speed gears, precision gears, cylindrical gears, spur gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, curve gears, bevel gears, non-circular gears, rack, worm, plastic gear, external gear, internal gear, alveolar, addendum circle, root circle, base circle, pitch circle casting gear, gear cutting, rolling gear, sintered gears;

Drive area: cars, motorcycles, machine tools, mining machinery, engines, railways, aviation, military, marine, powers, pump, high-speed gearing gears, gear boxes, power transmissions, gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, harmonic gear speed reducer, small module gearbox.

2015 China International Machinery Industry Exhibition

The 16th 2015 China International Machinery Industry Exhibition will be held in Ningbo international exhibition center on March 19, 2015. Ningbo application of industrial robots BBS. and participants will be from China, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other 14 countries and regions, more than 400 exhibitors. 

How to select the gear reducers model correctly?

Selection of general speed reducer includes condition, select the type, determine the specifications and other steps.
In contrast, the type selection is more simple, while providing accurate reducer working conditions, master reducer design, manufacture and use of key common feature is a reasonable choice reducer correct specifications. Specifications choose strength, thermal equilibrium, the shaft extension portion radial load and other conditions to be met.

1. Selecting by mechanical power or torque (strength checking)
The biggest difference is GM reducer and special reducer design selection process is that the former applies to all sectors, but the deceleration only by a particular design of working conditions, so users need to consider the selection of different correction coefficients according to individual requirements plant selection should be based on the actual motor power (not the gear unit rated power) play nameplate; the latter according to the user's special conditions designed to consider factors that, the design has been made generally considered, as long as the selection using a power less than or equal reduction The power rating can be, the method is relatively simple.
2. the heat power balance checking
Universal reducer allowable thermal power values are (under normal ambient temperature of 20 ℃, per hour, 100%, continuous operation, the power efficiency of 100%), the maximum allowed by the lubricant equilibrium temperature (usually 85 specific working conditions ℃) determined. The condition is not at the same time pressing the corresponding coefficient (sometimes integrated into a coefficient) be amended.
3. Checking shaft extension portion bear radial load
Universal reducer often required to input shaft, an output shaft extending middle part withstand the maximum allowed radial load to be limiting and should be checked, the manufacturer shall propose bold and increase the bearing shaft diameter exceeds requirements.



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As a Industrial gearbox manufacturer in China, We offer the international standard high quality gear speed reducer and reduction gearbox who has the big stock house to guarantee the prompt delivery Depending on the professional industry field solution, excellent industry field achievement and the leading technology application in Hoist&Crane, Sugar&Paper, Coal&Mining, Rubber&Plastic, Packing&Conveyors, Energy&Fans&Pumps, Cement&Construction, Sawmills&Wood Mills, Food&Butchering&Pharma, Chemical&Boilers&Ceramic, Recycling&Sewage disposal, Steel&Rolling Mill&Metallurgy, Textile&Ginning&Leather working and so on.