Gearbox motor generator for emergency electricity

Gearbox motor generator Gearbox motor generator

   Well coming from the industrial side of view, most electrical energy that we consume is Generated like the name implies by a gearbox motor generator whose shaft is spun by turbine fueled by for example gas or coals .But coming from a hobbyist side, a gearbox motor generator can be useful for windmill experiments which you know is always fun. So, Let's imagine. We got a steady breeze and thus a constant torque on the gearbox motor generator shafts to simulate the situation, I will be using an ODrive BLDC motor With a 3d printed motor mount and an attached encoder to the motor shafts In combination with the fitting o drive control boards, this motor becomes powerful and quite versatile.

   Since it can be rotated very slowly, Almost completely silent and best of all, it can go to a position and stay there with a holding torque- Due to the utilization of the encoder So, all in all, the ODrive is pretty awesome But, since a more appealing graphical interface would be more suitable for this experiment. .

        We got the BLDC motor which is the most complicated .Since it offers 3 phase shifted, not that beautiful looking sinusoidal voltages. But luckily the motor is configured in a star build-up which means we can use a "sechspuls Brückenschaltung" [3 phase rectifier] Basically a full bridge rectifier with two more diodes and capacitors, in order to once again, get a DC voltage on the output and with the electronics being completed it was time for the final step: the mechanical connection between the motor and the gearbox motor generators.

   The stepper motor on the other hand rotated the smoothest and the BLDC motor was a mix of both the previous gearbox motor generators and with the values being recorded it was time for the evaluation Now, the output power of the BLDC was the lowest While the DC and stepper motor were able to output about the same at four point something watts The average efficiency of the DC motor and the stepper motor was around 20-30% Which is acceptable.
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Monday, 26 February 2024

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