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   Most of us enjoy the smooth and effortless feeling of driving in an automatic transmission car,gearbox motor generator for sale is also easier. The driving is effortless, because you don't need to worry about gear changing, and you don't have a clutch pedal to operate in an automatic transmission car the work of the clutch pedal is automatically done by a hidden component Which is truly an engineering marvel the torque converter. The torque converter can even multiply the torque.

   Let's see how this purely mechanical device performs its tasks, Assume you are driving along smoothly, and you have to apply the brakes When you press the brake pedal the vehicles drive wheels stop turning .This means that the drive shaft and the Associated transmission should also stop spinning .

  But here comes the issue by applying the brakes you are not stopping the engine So at the time of braking if the engine and transmission are mechanically connected . gearbox motor generator for sale ,This would lead to a serious mechanical failure or the engine will stall .You need a motion isolator for this purpose.

   This motion isolator is the torque converter? The torque converter is able to efficiently isolate the engine rotation from the transmission at the time of braking. In normal driving conditions it transfers the engine rotation and power to the transmission .Let's see how it works. This is a really simplified torque converter. It is basically a pump and a turbine immersed in transmission liquid .

  The pump is directly connected to the engine so it always turns at the engine speed .The liquid surrounding the pump will be pushed outwards due to the centrifugal force and it's pressure increases. The rotation of the pump adds a swirl to the liquid leaving the pump .The turbine sits near to the pump and the high energy fluid coming out of the pump turns the turbine .

   For the efficient operation of a torque converter the pump and turbine should both rotate in line with the crankshaft centerline. The pump is directly connected to the engine crankshaft, so that will always be centered .

  However, the turbine is independent of this unit this means that a bearing has to be used between the turbine and the crankshaft as Illustrated in order to make sure the turbine is also centered to the crankshaft In the current configuration one can achieve this quite easily however in the previous configuration. This is very difficult since the turbine is far away from the crankshaft.

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