Frame structure worth exploring: gearbox motor frame

gearbox motor frame gearbox motor frame

   Engine run, but the tines won't turn, it's time to take a close look at your transmission. The transmission has many parts working inside of it,These parts make up the gearbox motor frame. It starts with the clutch drum. The clutch engages against the drum to start the transmission turning. Worn clutch pads can cause the clutch to slip and not engage, or engage with low power.

   If this is the case, you will see lots of dust from the worn pads and often bluing of the metal on the drum. From the clutch drum, the drive train continues into the transmission housings. Inside, there is a shaft and gearbox motor frame a series of gears that greatly reduce the RPMs from the engine to the tine shafts. While reducing the speed, the gears also greatly increase the amount of torque that is output to the tine shafts. If the clutch and drum look good, there is likely a problem with the gearing in the transmission.

   Sometimes, if the gearbox motor frame has gone bad, you can rotate the tine shafts by hand and hear a grinding sound caused by the stripped gears. In rare cases of a total failure, you might even see the transmission housings cracked and gear oil leaking out. Replacing the transmission is a repair you can do yourself.

     I'll begin by removing the tines. They're held in place with a cotter pin. Now I'll remove the tines from the opposite side. This last tine is being a little stubborn and doesn't want to come free. So I'm going to use a little penetrating oil to free it up.

  I'll let that sit for just a little bit. The penetrating oil has had a couple minutes to sit. Now I'm going to use a punch and a hammer to try to free the tine from the tine shaft. There are two bolts that secure the two halves of the tine guard together. I need to remove one of them. gearbox motor frame And just loosen the other.        

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