Hardened surface reducer ZLYJ375 Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox

  1. Product details

Category: Gear Reducers     Gear Type: Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox

Installation form: Vertical layout      form: coaxial

Tooth surface hardness: Hard tooth surface      Uses: Reducer

Brand: Sogears Brand     Model: ZLYJ375

Input speed: 1000 (rpm)      Rated power: 200 (kw)

Output speed range: 16 (rpm)      Allowable torque: 800 (N.m)

Range of use: Plastic machinery     Series: Two-stage

Reduction ratio: 16

Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox
Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox


  1. ZLYJ, ZLZJ,ZSYJ series Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox is a special transmission device with thrust seat designed for plastic rubber single screw extruder. The machine can be installed in a six-sided machine.


  1. ZLYJj, ZSYJhard tooth surface series product design adopts the technical specifications specified in jb/t9095.1-1999. The gears and shaft parts are made of high-strength 20crmnti and 20crmnmo alloy steel, which are processed by carburizing and quenching. The gear strength is high, and the tooth surface accuracy reaches gb10095-88, level 6. Tooth surface hardness hrc54-62. The front end of the hollow shaft is equipped with an over-sized thrust bearing to withstand the rear seat force of the screw. The Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox uses tapered and double-row self-aligning cylindrical roller bearings to greatly extend the service life. It adopts high-quality double-layer imported seals and high-strength fasteners, and is designed with a forced circulation system for oil pumps. Some models can increase the water cooling system according to requirements to increase the power consumption. The Plastic extrusion machinery gearbox has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, high carrying capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high efficiency and long service life. Product performance has reached the international advanced level.


  1. Specifications

Specifications zlyj133 reliable adaptation power 5.5-11kw

Specifications zlyj 140 reliable adapter power 7.5-13kw

Specifications zlyj 146 reliable adaptation power 11-15kw

Specifications zlyj 173 reliable adaptation power 15-22kw

Specifications zlyj180 reliable adaptation power 18-30kw

Specifications zlyj200 reliable adaptation power 22-45kw

Specifications zlyj 225 reliable adapter power 30-55kw

Specifications zlyj250 reliable adapter power 45-75kw

Specifications zlyj280 reliable adapter power 55-90kw

Specifications zlyj 315 reliable power 75-130kw

Specifications zlyj 330 reliable power 110-160kw

Specifications zlyj375 reliable power 130-200kw

Specifications zlyj420 reliable power 200-260kw


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