How to reduce motor speed with pulleys

How to reduce motor speed with pulleys

1: servo motor
Servo motors are widely used in various control systems to convert the input voltage signal into mechanical output on the motor shaft and drag the controlled components to achieve control purposes.
The servo motor has DC and AC. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysThe earliest servo motor is a general DC motor. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysWhen the control accuracy is not high, the general DC motor is used as the servo motor. The current DC servo motor is structurally a low-power DC motor whose excitation uses armature control and magnetic field control but usually uses armature control.

2: stepper motor
The stepping motor is mainly used in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysSince the stepping motor does not require A/D conversion, it can directly convert the digital pulse signal into angular displacement, so it has been considered as the most ideal CNC machine tool actuator.
In addition to its application on CNC machines, stepper motors can also be used on other machines, such as motors in automatic feeders, as general-purpose floppy disk drives, as well as in printers and plotters.

3: Torque motor
Torque motors are characterized by low speed and high torque.How to reduce motor speed with pulleys AC torque motors are commonly used in the textile industry, and their working principle and structure are the same as those of single-phase asynchronous motors.
4: Switched reluctance motor
Switched reluctance motor is a new type of speed-regulating motor. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysIts structure is extremely simple and sturdy, its cost is low, and its speed regulation performance is excellent. It is a strong competitor of traditional control motors and has strong market potential.
5: Brushless DC motor
The brushless DC motor has good linearity of mechanical characteristics and adjustment characteristics, wide speed regulation range, long life, easy maintenance and low noise.How to reduce motor speed with pulleys There is no series of problems caused by brushes, so this kind of motor has very much in the control system. Big application.

6: DC motor
DC motors have the advantages of good speed regulation performance, easy starting, and ability to load and start. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysTherefore, the application of DC motors is still widely used, especially after the emergence of thyristor DC power supplies.
7: Asynchronous motor
The asynchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, use and maintenance, reliable operation, low quality and low cost. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysAsynchronous motors are widely used in driving machine tools, water pumps, blowers, compressors, lifting and hoisting equipment, mining machinery, light industrial machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, and other industrial and agricultural production machinery, as well as household appliances and medical equipment.
It is widely used in household appliances, such as electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc.
8: Synchronous motor
Synchronous motors are mainly used in large machines such as blowers, pumps, ball mills, compressors, rolling mills, and small and micro-instrumentation equipment or as control elements. How to reduce motor speed with pulleysAmong them, the three-phase synchronous motor is its main body. In addition, it can be used as a camera to deliver inductive or capacitive reactive power to the grid.

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