When should I choose to use a dc motor speed control system?
 The DC governor is required for the following occasions:

1. A wide speed range is required.
2. A faster dynamic response process is required.
3. An automatic smooth transition process is required for acceleration and deceleration.
4. When the low speed operation is required, the torque is large.
5. Need better excavator characteristics, can automatically limit the overload current to the set current.

The application of dc motor speed control system:
DC governor in CNC machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, cable and cable equipment, packaging machinery, electrical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment, printed circuit board equipment, laboratory equipment, welding and cutting, light industrial machinery , logistics and transportation equipment, rolling stock, medical equipment, communications equipment, radar equipment, satellite ground receiving systems and other industries are widely used.
The application of dc motor speed control system, the working principle of the DC governor is briefly introduced:
The DC governor is the device for adjusting the speed of the DC motor. The upper end is connected to the AC power supply, the application of dc motor speed control system, the lower end is connected to the DC motor, and the DC governor converts the AC power into two output DC power supplies, one input to the DC motor neodymium (stator), all the way Input to the DC motor armature (rotor), the DC governor adjusts the DC motor speed by controlling the armature DC voltage. At the same time, the DC motor gives a feedback current to the governor. The governor determines the speed of the dc motor speed control system according to the feedback current. If necessary, the armature voltage output is corrected to adjust the motor speed again.

The application of dc motor speed control system, DC motor speed control scheme generally has the following three ways: 1, change the armature voltage; 2, change the excitation winding voltage; 3, change the armature loop resistance. The most commonly used is the voltage regulation system, which is 1 (changing the armature voltage).

The application of dc motor speed control system,A modular DC motor governor integrates power supply, control and drive circuits, adopts a three-dimensional structure layout, and the control circuit uses micro-power components to realize current and voltage isolation and conversion with a photocoupler. Constants, integral constants, and differential constants are adjusted using a PID adapter. The governor is small in size and light in weight. It can be used alone or directly on adc motor speed control system to form an integrated DC speed-regulating motor. It can have all the functions that the governor should have.
The application of dc motor speed control system, the rapid development of modern industrial automation also provides a wide range of applications and updates for the application of dc motor speed control system: such as remote signal transmission, remote speed regulation, remote control speed control and control of high temperature environment, manual automatic integration.

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