Types of planetary gear sets that we can supply and manufacturer

Types of planetary gear sets that we can supply and manufacturer

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The Types of planetary gear sets is a kind of planetary gear transmission principle, which adopts cycloidal pin gear meshing, and has an advanced design and novel structure. The reducer can be widely used in various transmission machinery, such as: lifting, transportation, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, light industry, pharmaceutical, food machinery.

Second, the structure

All the transmissions of the Types of planetary gear sets can be divided into three parts: the input part, the deceleration part and the output part, which are divided into four types according to the structure: horizontal, vertical, double-axis and direct-coupled. In addition to the production of standard reducers, our factory can also meet the needs of users to undertake non-standard design and manufacture.

The direct-connected reducer is assembled with the Y-series dedicated motor and the Y-series dedicated motor, such as the YA increased safety motor, the YB explosion-proof motor, the YCT variable speed motor, and the YEJ brake motor.

Third, the characteristics of Types of planetary gear sets:

  1. The transmission ratio is large: the transmission ratio is 1/9-1/87 when decelerating; the transmission ratio is 1/99-1/5133 when the two-stage deceleration; the transmission ratio is 1/5841-1/658503 when the third-stage deceleration is needed; More combinations can be used
  2. High transmission efficiency: the average efficiency can reach over 90% due to the rolling engagement of the meshing cycloid reducer
    Types of planetary gear sets
    Types of planetary gear sets
  3. Small size and light weight: Because the Types of planetary gear sets principle is adopted, the Types of planetary gear sets input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis, and there is a unique feature that is directly integrated with the motor, the planetary cycloidal reducer has a compact structure and a small volume. Small, lightweight
  4. Low failure and long service life: The main transmission parts of the machine are made of bearing steel, so the mechanical performance is good, the wear resistance is good, and the rolling friction is used to make the fault less and the service life is long.
    Types of planetary gear sets
    Types of planetary gear sets
  5. The operation is reliable and stable: the planetary cycloid reducer is multi-toothed during the transmission process, so it is stable and reliable, easy to maintain.

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