Z4 Series DC motors

Z4 Series DC motors

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Z4 Series Medium DC Motor

DC machine motor 

a. Altitude above sea level maximal 1,000m;
b. Cooling air temperature maximal 40℃;
c. Ambient conditions for motors should be free from acidic, alkali fumes or other aggressive gases which corrode insulation.
d. Duty: Continuous (SI);
e. Monthly average temperature would not be more than 24 degree celsius. and relative humidity: monthly average no more than 85%.
f. Rated voltage:110V, 440V,220V, 400V, 660V.
g. Separate excitation is basic excitation type of the motors. Nominal field voltage: 180V. Other excitation voltage are also acceptable on request.
h. A marked earthing terminal is provided for the motors.
I: The efficiencies listed in the data sheet are for rated output, voltage and speed, and include excitation losses, excluding separate ventilating fans.
j. Protection Class: IP21S.IP23 and IP44 can be negotiated.
k. Cooling method: IC06, IC17, IC37.


DC motor Z4 series

Z4 Series Medium Size DC machine motor is newly developed product of our works. The products are found wide use for prime mover in various, such as mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry, metal cutting machine-tool, paper making, print, textile, printing and dyeing, cement-making, plastic extruding machine, etc 

Z4-100-1 Z4-112/2-1 Z4-112/2-2 Z4-112/4-1 Z4-112/4-2 Z4-132-1 Z4-132-2 Z4-132-3 Z4-160-11 Z4-160-21/22 Z4-160-32/31/31 Z4-180-11

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