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  1. Explosion-proof electric motors are used as the main power equipment and are commonly used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery. It is also widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine and other departments.


2.The rated voltage, rated current, power, and speed are the same as those for ordinary motors. The difference is that the explosion-proof electric motor has more explosion-proof signs: Ex

First, the explosion-proof type + equipment category + (gas group) + temperature group explosion-proof type:

  1. Flameproof type Ex d2. Sand filling type Ex q3. Increased safety type Ex e4. Pouring type Ex m5. Positive pressure type Ex p

6.n type Ex n7. intrinsically safe type E x ia Ex ib8. special type Ex s9. oil immersion type Ex o10. dust explosion-proof type DIP A DIP B2

Explosion-proof electric motor
Explosion-proof electric motor


3.Explosion-proof electric motors equipment category:

Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment is divided into:

YB2 low pressure explosion-proof motor

YB2 low pressure explosion-proof motor

Class I: Electrical equipment used in coal mines;

Class II: Electrical equipment for other explosive gas environments other than coal mines.

Class II flameproof "d" and intrinsically safe "i" electrical equipment are further classified into IIA, IIB, and IIC.

Electrical equipment for flammable dust environment is divided into: Type A dusttight equipment; Type B dust tight equipment.

Explosion-proof electric motor
Explosion-proof electric motor


  1. With the development of science and technology and production, the places where there is a danger of explosion are also increasing. For example, the production of edible oil used to be a traditional pressing process. After the 1970s, China began to introduce advanced foreign leaching oil technology. Therefore, the leaching oil workshop became a dangerous place for explosion, and it required the use of explosion-proof electric motor and other explosion-proof electrical products.
  2. Main applications of explosion-proof electric motor include fans, blowers, crushers, conveyor systems, factories, cranes and other applications requiring explosion-proof motors.



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