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  1. Working Principle

It is a kind of non-rigid coupling with liquid as working medium. The pump wheel of the hydraulic coupler (see figure) and the turbine constitute a closed working chamber for liquid circulation flow. The pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft.

The two wheels are a half ring with many blades arranged along the radial direction. They are coupled to each other and are not in contact with each other. There is a gap of 3mm to 4mm in the middle, and a circular working wheel is formed. The driving wheel YOX Series Fluid Coupling is called the pump wheel, the driven wheel is called the turbine, and both the pump wheel and the turbine are called the working wheel. After the pump wheel and turbine are assembled, the annular cavity is formed, which is filled with working oil.

YOX Series Fluid Coupling
YOX Series Fluid Coupling


  1. Classification

According to the different USES, the YOX Series Fluid Coupling can be divided into the general type of hydraulic couplers, limited torque type of hydraulic couplers and speed hydraulic couplers. Among them, the torque limited hydraulic coupler is mainly used for starting protection of motor reducer and impact protection during operation, position compensation and energy buffering. Speed-regulating hydraulic coupler is mainly used to adjust the speed ratio of input and output. Other functions are basically the same as the torque limited hydraulic coupler.


  1. Advantages and Disadvantages

(1) it has the function of flexible transmission and automatic adaptation.

(2) it has functions of shock mitigation and torsional vibration isolation.

(3) it can improve the starting capacity of the power machine to enable it to start with load or no load.

(4) it has the overload protection function of protecting the motor and working machine from damage in case of overloading under external load.

(5) it has the functions of coordinating multi-power machines YOX Series Fluid Coupling to start in sequence, balancing load and stable parallel operation.

(6) with the flexible brake deceleration function (refers to the hydraulic reducer and plug - and - turn damping type hydraulic coupler).

(7) it has the function of making the working machine start slowly and delay, and can start the large inertia machine smoothly.

(8) strong adaptability to YOX Series Fluid Coupling the environment, able to work in cold, wet, dust, explosion-proof environment.

(9) the low-cost cage motor can be used to replace the expensive winding motor.

(10) no pollution to the environment.

YOX Series Fluid Coupling
YOX Series Fluid Coupling


  1. Application Fields

YOX Series Fluid Coupling has been used in the early automotive semi-automatic transmission and automatic transmission. The pump wheel of the hydraulic coupler is connected with the flywheel of the engine. In some cases, the coupler is strictly part of the flywheel, in this case, the hydraulic coupler is also known as the hydraulic flywheel. The turbine is connected to the input shaft of the transmission. Liquid circulates between the pump wheels and the turbine, causing torque to be transferred from the engine to the transmission to drive the vehicle forward. In this respect, the role of the YOX Series Fluid Coupling is very similar to the mechanical clutch in a manual transmission. Since the hydraulic coupler cannot change the torque, it has been replaced by the hydraulic torque converter.


  1. Characteristic

Hydraulic coupler is a kind of flexible transmission device, compared with ordinary mechanical transmission device, has many unique features: can eliminate shock and vibration; When the output speed is lower than the input speed, the difference YOX Series Fluid Coupling between the two axes will increase with the increase of load. Overload protection and starting performance is good, the load is too large and stop when the input shaft can still rotate, do not cause damage to the power machine; When the load decreases, the speed of the output shaft increases until it is close to the speed of the input shaft, so that the transmitted torque tends to zero.



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