Sumitomo gearbox

Sumitomo gearbox, is manufactured by the Japanese Sumitomo Group. It contains various types of sumitomo electric industries, such as Sumitomo large helical gear-boxes, planetary Sumitomo gearboxes, Sumitomo helical gearboxes, Sumitomo worm gearboxes.
For the Products, Sumitomo Group produces various models gearbox, 
1. Light weight, compact
2. Performance tough, long life
3. The sleek and smooth operation, lower noise
4. Installation and maintenance is very convenient
5. High efficiency, saving energy
6. rich variety
7. With a variety of certification, the world's prevailing Cyclo 6000 series gearbox in line with domestic and international certification and a variety of criteria: such as GB, CE, UL, CSA, NEMA, JIS and so on.

Sumitomo gearbox total gearing can be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output section.
The input shaft is provided with a dislocation of 180 ° double eccentric, the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called tumbler roller bearings, becomes H institutions, the central hole of two cycloidal wheels is eccentric sleeve boom bearing raceway, the cycloid pin gear wheel box and a set of needle teeth arranged in a ring engages by to form teeth difference is within a tooth meshing reduction mechanism, (in order to reduce friction, in a small gear ratio with on-the-pin gear needle teeth sets). When the input shaft with eccentric rotation a week, due to the characteristics of cycloidal tooth profile on their gear so that the needle by needle teeth limitation of motion cycloid revolution have become both the rotation of plane movement, when the input shaft forward week, the eccentric rotation also the week cycloid turned in the opposite goal to give the slowdown a tooth, and then by means of W output mechanism, the low-speed rotation of the cycloid movement through the pin, transmitted to the output shaft, to obtain lower output speed.
Sumitomo electric industries is in accordance with small teeth difference planetary transmission principle, Sumitomo cycloid pin gear engagement to achieve a mechanical deceleration. The aircraft sub-horizontal, vertical, axis type and direct-type assembly and other essentials, is the preferred equipment metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.

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Monday, 26 February 2024

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