Premium Efficiency 3 Phase Induction Electric Motors


We require geared motors for conveyors . There are three types and total requirement is about 300 pcs every 3 months .

Pls quote based on the below specifications
1). Helibevel Gear Motor
Reduction ratio:13.22
output speed:109 rpm.
Delivered torque:458 Nm
Safety factor on motor power:1.40
Mounting position :B3 foot mounted O/P horizontal
output: Hollow shaft 40 mm dia.

High quality Horizontal helical worm worm gear in stock
1- 3 Pcs Standard PBL Gearboxs 2.2 Kw , 170RPM Attached a photos of the required type of gearbox .
2- 50 Pcs Standard Helical Geared Motor 1.5 Kw - with your standard specifications

Powerful high torque 12v dc motors. I am interested in buying 30 Piece/Pieces. 10-20 RPM, 60-120W , 12-24v. 30 pcs
the output speed and input speed of Helical Geared Motor

3 speed gearboxes with reducers, 5000-50 000 sets quantity

A. 1 unit electromotor 7,5 kw , 1500 rpm , 380 v , 3 phase electrim power motor , 7,5 kw , 10 HP , 4 pole ,
1450 rpm , foot mounted B 3. 380 -440 V , 59 Hz , IP 55
insulation Class F , NSK bearings Japan,
register no IDM 000196188 squirrel cage

B. 1 pc electro motor 7 kw, 380 v, 6 pole Teco,

Electric motor, any of a class of devices that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, usually by employing electromagnetic phenomena.

Most electric motors develop their mechanical torque by the interaction of conductors carrying current in a direction at right angles to a magnetic field.

The various types of electric motor differ in the ways in which the conductors and the field are arranged and also in the control that can be exercised over mechanical output torque, speed, and position.

The simplest type of induction motor is shown in cross section in the figure. A three-phase set of stator windings is inserted in slots in the stator iron. These windings may be connected either in a wye configuration, normally without external connection to the neutral point, or in a delta configuration. The rotor consists of a cylindrical iron core with conductors placed in slots around the surface. In the most usual form, these rotor conductors are connected together at each end of the rotor by a conducting end ring.

The basis of operation of the induction motor may be developed by first assuming that the stator windings are connected to a three-phase electric supply and that a set of three sinusoidal currents of the form shown in the figure flow in the stator windings. This figure shows the effect of these currents in producing a magnetic field across the air gap of the machine for six instants in a cycle.

Electric Motors Manufacturers Frequency Conversion...
Slide rails for motor sizes 280 - 400


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