2019 Hot Sale ZQA Series Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer

  1. Brief Introduction

ZQA Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer is improved design on the basis of ZQ reducer, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the gear, and facilitate the replacement of ZA reducer, in the shape, shaft end and installation size unchanged, change the material of gear shaft, gear shaft 42CrMo, the big gear for ZG35CrMo, quench hardness gear shaft.


Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer
Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer
  1. Characteristic

 ZQA machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank is on the basis of ZQ type Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer design improvements, in order to improve the carrying capacity of gear, and convenient for replacing ZA reducer, in shape under the condition of invariable, the size of the shaft end and installation, change gear shaft, gear shaft for 42 crmo, big gear for ZG35CrMo, tempering hardness of the gear shaft is 291 ~ 323 hb, big gear is 255 ~ 286 hb.


  1. Application Condition

The peripheral speed of the Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer of the reducer is not more than 160 m / s; the speed of the high speed shaft is not more than 1500 rev / min; the working environment temperature of the reducer is -40 ° to +40 °; used for forward and reverse two directions; the reducer There are nine transmission ratios, and the nine configuration types have three low-speed shaft end forms; the specific transmission ratios are: 8.0, 10.0, 12.5, 16.0, 20.0, 25.0, 31.5, 40.0,


  1. Model

ZQA 500 - 25 - III - Z, ZQA stands for ZQ improved Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer, 500 stands for total center distance

25 represents the nominal transmission ratio, III represents the assembly type, Z represents the output shaft end type, and the marking example: ZQ improved reducer total center distance 500mm, nominal transmission ratio 25, the third assembly type, cylindrical shaft extension, marked as: deceleration Machine ZQA 500 - 25 - III - Z.


  1. Mounting Type

The structure of the machine is two - stage three - axis helical cylindrical horizontal segmentation full seal. Lubricating oil is used in the inside of the Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer, there are oil baffles on the driving shaft and intermediate shaft, the fulcrum of each shaft is used rolling bearing, the axial clearance can be adjusted by the internal adjustment ring, the upper part of the machine has an inspection cover, the lower part has an oil label pointer and an oil plug for waste oil discharge.


  1. Matters Attention

Medium Hard Tooth Surface Reducer should be inspected and repaired regularly. Effective measures must be taken to detect abrasion, gluing and significant wear. Spare parts must be manufactured according to the standard. Updated spare parts must be run-in and load test before they can be used formally. Check bolt tightness and oil quantity frequently. The oil level of the reducer is lower than the lower scale of the vernier ruler, and the oil should be replenished in time. Circulating oil lubrication should pay attention to elegant changes. When the oil pressure is significantly reduced, the oil filter should be checked and cleaned.




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