Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers For Straightening Machine

In order to meet the subsequent processing requirements, a variety of straightening methods are used in the factory. The widely used equipment is a multi-roll straightening machine. After the thin plate passes through the straightening machine with Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers, it does not itself extend, but the large waves are turned into small waves, so that The board is almost straight.

Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers
Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers

Stretching and bending straightening is:

  1. A good shape can be obtained. After straightening by stretching and bending, the wave edge, wave shape, buckling and mild file bending of the board surface can be completely eliminated, thereby greatly improving the flatness of the sheet.
  2. It is beneficial to improve the anisotropy of the material. The yield limit of low carbon steel deep drawing sheets in the longitudinal and transverse directions is often anisotropic. Therefore, when the thin plate is subjected to deep drawing processing, the thickness of each portion of the punched member may be uneven due to the extension of each portion, so that the punched portion may cause a skirt-like lace defect, thereby causing an increase in the flushing rate. This condition is greatly improved after straighteningby straightening machinewith Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers.

skills requirement:

The technical requirements for the straightening machine with Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers are as follows:

(1) It can overcome the resistance of the crystallizer and the secondary cooling device to the slab, pull the slab out, and can send the spindle to the lower mouth of the crystallizer.

(2) The pulling speed can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of different steel grades and different casting blank sections on the pulling speed, and the speed of the upper spindle is required.

(3) There must be sufficient opening between the upper and lower rollers of the  straightening machine with Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers and can be adjusted to produce slabs of different sections. The spindle rod should be allowed to pass when using a rigid spindle.

(4) The upper roller of straightening machine with Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers should have sufficient pressing force to meet the requirements of drawing friction and straightening the casting blank. The pressure should be adjustable to suit the requirements of different sections. To prevent the casting blank from being over-pressurized, and the transition from the spindle to the strand during the pouring, the pressure should be rapidly changed to prevent the high-temperature billet from being deformed.

Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers
Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers

Recently, with the development of high-efficiency continuous casting technology, many casting machines have adopted multi-point straightening technology. Due to the high drawing speed in high-efficiency continuous casting, the screed length of the slab is very long, and liquid core straightening is required. In the liquid phase straightening of straightening machine with Easy Maintainable Speed Gearmotor Manufacturers , the strength and allowable deformation rate of the billet at the interface of the two-phase region are extremely low. Multi-point straightening can be used to spread the strains concentrated at one point to a plurality of points to complete the straightening deformation rate within the allowable range, preventing the possibility of cracking of the slab.



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