Introduction of the most common four gear power transmissions

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As talked on yesterday, we are here now to introduce the fours types of Gear redactor in power transmission industry.

Cycloid gear reducer, using cycloid tooth meshing is an advanced design, new style structure of the reduction way, which can be both clockwise and reverse operation. The biggest feature is that it has the high transmission efficiency and also a wide ratio transmission range. And power is available from 10KW to 50000kW. Otherwise, its size and weight is much smaller than helical gear reducer and worm reducer. However, its structure is more complex high precision. It is widely used in petrochemical deceleration devices, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and construction machinery and other transmission machinery.

Belt reductor, speed redactor with belt, it is high efficiency, long life, compact structure, smooth transmission, easy removal and other features that allow positive and negative direction of running, in large fermentation devices more often.

Worm gears, worm gearbox with worm gear drive is mainly used for large occasions, with smooth contours and other transmission compact size advantages of small work, but less efficient single-stage worm reducer thus used more two-Worm reducer is seldom used. Range of single-stage worm gear transmission ratio is generally 10-70.

Gear reducer, it mainly gets cylindrical gear reducer and bevel gear reducer. cylindrical gear reducer which is the most widely using. which can deliver the power range from small to 4000kW peripheral speed is also available from low 60-70m/s; and the input shaft and output shaft position bevel gear reducer to 90o configuration making it suitable for input and output shaft perpendicular to each other occasions. The main features of the gear reducer is durable and easy to maintain high efficiency, according to the reduction gear stages can be divided into single-stage, two, three or even multi-level, avoiding gear outside dimensions too large, generally when the ratio of 8 The following can be used when a single-stage gear reducer, the best selection of two or more stages and it is greater than 8.

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