VX series and VC series helical reducers

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To meet the increasingly diverse field of the mechatronics, Sogears group The club designs and manufactures gearboxes and helical gear reducers with gear technology, and System products related to rotary drive technology. helical gear reducer
"VX series · VC series" products originated from half a century of technical tempering and performance
Accumulation has been widely used in various fields from industry to life.
In the future, as a source of power for the industrial society, we will make full use of the many years of cultivation.
Technology, striving for the development of new products and the prosperity of the new era.


1. Constant torque operation is possible through the current commutator.
2. Brake type with manual brake release.
3. The junction box can be changed to a 90 degree position.
4. Low noise and long life.
5. Small size and light weight.
6. No maintenance required.
7. Available in IP65 waterproof rating.

In the door drive equipment that using the helical gear reducer technology, a variety of outstanding technology developed jet rescue The device is an electric door with water pressure release device. In an emergency, the powerful water pressure of the fire truck drives the turbine from the outside, making the brake to stop the door opens. This equipment allows the fire brigade to enter the firefighting operation in less than 1 minute, helping to protect valuable life and important wealth.
Production. The "jet rescuer" can perform initial fire suppression without breaking the gate, and can be used in factories and warehouses with large industry doors.
And effective use in large stores

helical reducer
helical reducer

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