Helical-bevel Gear Units

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Helical-bevel gearbox

Universal gearbox, hollow shaft gear units, bevel speed reducers, horizontal gear reducer, gear reduction box, transmission reduction box, industry speed reducer, vertical installation gearbox

®Type Designation(without motor)

Example: V3SH8-80-A
V: V series helical bevel gear units
3: No. of stages,1,2,3,4.
S: Output way. S-Solid shaft, H-hollow shaft, D-Hollow shaft with shrink disk.
H: Mounting way, H-Horizontal, M-Horizontal without feet, V-Vertical
8: Model number of gearbox
80: Transimission ratio
A: Design mounting way


®Parameter Range

Power range: Top to 4800KW
Output speed(r/min): 01- 1200
Output Torque(N.M): Top to 952000N.M


Noise Level: Low type 65-80 Db, Smooth and stable in run
Large output torque,smooth startup,high efficiency, long life cycle
Output way:Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined ,solid shaft etc.
Unique modular design easy for cross country production, low stock, short delivery time.
Bearing: China standard. But SKF, FAG, NSK, TIMKEN, NTN, KOYO, C&U is a aviable if need
The seal of output shaft part adopts double oil seal with perfect oil leaking resistance.Reliable sealing and more widely applicable to industry.
High purity alloy steel gear, strong shock resistance, profile ground gears improve the load capacity, cooling and noise lowering performance, stable transmission.


®Main Application

•Conveyors & Food Machinery •transportation machinery
• Mixers •Coat & Mining • Poultry Plants • Construction Equipment
• Paper Mills •Recycling Machines • Rotary Feeder • Electricity and energy
•Hoisting, lifting•Harbor & ship building •Cement & material •Electric power& energy
•Coal minerals • Wastewater Treatment•chemical industry •vertical mixing device drivers

®We will help you

● Providing correct gearbox and combined gearbox to meet your application needs;
● Lowering maintenance cost and lifting operation efficiency;
● Improving production capacity and boosting economic profitabilit


All Models:

V2SH4 V2SH5 V2SH6 V2SH7 V2SH8 V2SH9 V2SH10 V2SH11 V2SH12 V2SH13 V2SH14 V2SH15 V2SH16 V2SH17 V2SH18

V3SH4 V3SH5 V3SH6 V3SH7 V3SH8 V3SH9 V3SH10 V3SH11 V3SH12 V3SH13 V3SH14 V3SH15 V3SH16 V3SH17 V3SH18

V2HH4 V2HH5 V2HH6 V2HH7 V2HH8 V2HH9 V2HH10 V2HH11 V2HH12 V2HH13 V2HH14 V2HH15 V2HH16 V2HH17 V2HH18

V3HH4 V3HH5 V3HH6 V3HH7 V3HH8 V3HH9 V3HH10 V3HH11 V3HH12 V3HH13 V3HH14 V3HH15 V3HH16 V3HH17 V3HH18

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