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Yantai GM series gearbox - a good choice for heavy-duty transmission, Yantai GMC series gear reducer - a good choice for medium-sized transmission. GM means module combination, GMC means compact module combination. Modern industrial design, optimized gearbox sizes and complete accessories make the space required to replace the competitor's gearbox.

Compatible with the ever-increasing demands of higher performance and reliability, this series offers high mechanical and thermal power with excellent performance. This allows the gearbox designed to meet the tough conditions to achieve greater torque per unit cost. Designed for heavy duty applications, this series of products is designed to ensure that the gearboxes used work well and are comparable to SEW's products.

 The key to the use of the reducer is reliability. Reliability comes from excellent design and manufacturing, but also from experience. The mechanical, thermal and performance properties of heavy duty drives are verified under stringent technical conditions. Globally, the GM and GMC series have become a reliable source of industrial power transmission solutions for important applications. The GM and GMC series combine extended bearing life, excellent oil circulation and sealing arrangements to fully represent the true heavy-duty module design. .

 This series of reducer adopts advanced modular combination design method, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, reliable use, convenient maintenance and long service life, reaching the domestic advanced level. Our goal is to apply mechanical transmissions from all walks of life, and become a good choice for medium-sized transmission and heavy-duty transmission, leading the development direction of domestic general-purpose gearboxes.

 The design and development of this series of reducer are based on JB/T8853-2001 "Cylindrical Gear Reducer", JB/T9002-1999 "Transducer for Freighter", GB/T10095.1-2001 "Involute Cylindrical Gear Accuracy" ", Zhengzhou gear design software, AUTOCAD, Solidworks drawing software, "Mechanical Design Handbook" and other design books, standards, software and several decades of design and development staff engaged in the reducer industry; production of many advanced production equipment : NILES grinding, OKUMA machining center and process flow; inspection of a large number of domestic and foreign advanced equipment and testing instruments such as a powerful gear detection center and three coordinate measuring instruments, so that the reliability of the reducer can be strongly ensured.

 The main technical parameters of Yantai GM and GMC series products are:

1. Specifications: GM2P50-90, GM3P50-90, GM4P50-90, GM3R50-90, GM4R50-90, GM5R50-90, GM2PV10-80, GM3PV10-90, GM4PV50-90, GM3RV30-90, GM4RV50-90 Species; GMC2PL (V, E) 02-09, GMC3PL (V, E) 02-09, GMC2RL (V, E) 02-09, GMC3RL (V, E) 02-09 a total of 32 species;

2, speed ratio: GM series 6.3-1800, GMC series 7.11-112;

3. Carrying capacity: GM series large rated output torque 180KN·m, GMC series large rated output torque 65KN·m.

4. Installation method: see the following table


Reducer structure

Output shaft mode


GM series

Level (P, R)

Vertical (PV, RV)

Solid shaft, hollow shaft (key and locking disc)

Foot, torque arm

GMC series

Horizontal (PL, RL), vertical (PV, RV) and erect (PE, RE)

Solid shaft, hollow shaft (key and locking disc)

Foot, torque arm


   Key technologies and innovations of Yantai GM and GMC series products:

   1. Key technologies of this series of products

    (1) Highly modular. The module combination can provide forced lubrication module, cooling module, filter module, standard instrument module, etc., for configuration when the reducer is selected;

 (2), the box heat sink shape, increase the heat dissipation area, and have high heat power;

 (3) The tank cover is designed with a lubricating oil tank and the side cover is designed with an oil return hole;

 (4), lubrication and sealing.

   2. Features and innovations of this series of products

  (1), GM series transmission ratio is large, up to 1800, a wide range, from 6.3-1800 a total of 80 kinds;

        (2) The output shaft is horizontal and vertical. Its internal organs are common, which greatly reduces the specifications of the pinion and gear. The generalization of the box is high. The GM series has a total of 19 kinds of cabinets, which form 64 types of reducer models. The GMC series consists of 16 types of cabinets, which are composed of 32 types of reducer models;

 (3) When the output shaft is vertical, it is sealed with a labyrinth and double oil seal;

 (4), the bevel gear input shaft bearing housing drills two vent holes, which greatly reduces the temperature here.

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