Chinese Embassy in France counsellor visit Guomao

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In 11th and 17th , the Chinese Embassy in France political counsellor Jin Xudong came to Guomao group, comprehensive visited Guomao in the industry's largest modernization "reducer and motor R&D manufacturing base" development. Group Chairman Xu Guozhong warm reception, accompanied by general manager Xu Bin.

A short period of time, two times in a row to Guomao group. Legendary development, innovation and social responsibility with Guomao gave Jin Xudong counsellor deep impression and feelings. Jin Xudong said, communicate with the chairman Xu and visit workshop the production line, Guomao the responsibility and top-ranking struggle, let him special feeling. Therefore, he will support the Guomao twice in business transformation and upgrading, and hope that Guomao can better play their own advantages, to better serve the country, more for China's economic construction and transformation efficiency.

Vist Guomao Reducer Group1Vist Guomao Reducer Group


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