Your gearbox motor frame replacement buyer’s guide

gearbox motor frame replacement gearbox motor frame replacement

   You see inside the clamping sleeve connecting the transaxle with the gearbox Crank the engine at the central bolt so far, that the clamping bolts are accessible Use a 24 mm hexagon socket on the central bolt Here you can crank the engine clockwise or you may counter the gearbox motor frame replacement .This one is loosen I'll crank the engine more, until the next bolt is accessible Go on - go on - go on - stop - a little bit more .And the other bolt did surrender .The clamping sleeve should become movable .Best you remove the bolts completely Apply a pry bar through the service hole to move the sleeve in direction of the gearbox .You see, the axles are separated, that's enough .

   Fortunately it has a blind hole, there is no space to counter And the bolt surrender .There isn't much space And it did surrender. The gearbox itself is hanging only on this 2 bolts I'll slacken these bolts also, even they have a much smaller torque .When the access is limited, you'll need the right tools ,You may use a universal gearbox jack Or you have such a nice wagon like me I'll lift the gearbox now a little Just lift it a little Support the transaxle tube by a piece of wood here When lowering the gearbox, the wood is fixed in this position This is the final construction for lowering and lifting the gearbox.

      The additional jacks are for preventing the gearbox from tilting Start to remove the bolts of the flange, the upper ones .The upper one here The bolts with Allen head have been on top The bolt with the Allen head and the hexagon nut is at right lower side. This has been the last bolt Separate the gearbox with a large screwdriver from the transaxle tube .The gearbox is free here, it's hanging only at the bolts of the mount Remove the 2 nuts of the gearbox mount .Use a punch to drive the long bolts out Remove the bolts, they really hold the gearbox.

  The gearbox should be free now You see, the gearbox is absolutely free - move it as much as possible to the rear Lower the gearbox carefully .You see, slowly but surely the gearbox comes down .And remove the gearbox from the car .When the gearbox is out you may take it for a walk Or you may gearbox motor frame replacement or you may repair the gearbox ,Or, as in our case you may replace the clutch .For this job there is a separate video Coat the axle with MoS2 grease before installing the gearbox Push the clamping sleeve on the axle.
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