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The list of gearbox manufacturing companies

(1) Drive gear and driven gear.  The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.The input shaft can be understood as being connected to the clutch and rotating under the driving of the engine. The gear fixed on the input shaft rotates synchronously. The gear is called the driving gear, and the gear connected to the output shaft is forced to rotate. This gear is called a driven gear.
(2) Transmission ratio i. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.The ratio of the number of teeth of the driven gear to the number of teeth of the driving gear is defined as the gear ratio.

The list of gearbox manufacturing companies
When the relationship between the number of teeth of the driven gear and the number of teeth of the driving gear changes, the transmission ratio i changes, and under the condition that the engine speed does not change, the output shaft speed change, that is, the wheel speed changes. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.A pair of intermeshing gears does not change in the number of teeth used, so its gear ratio is fixed. If a plurality of gears of different numbers of teeth are mounted on the input shaft and the corresponding number of teeth on the output shaft is also a variable gear meshing, a set of stepped transmissions having different gear ratios i can be obtained.The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. The car transmission is based on this basic principle to achieve shifting shifting.
(3) Forward gear, a gear that can drive the car forward. Reverse gear, which can make the car reverse the driving position. In the neutral position, the gears in the transmission are not in the working position. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.At this time, after the engine power is input to the input shaft, it is no longer transmitted to the output shaft.
(4) Direct file. The engine power is transmitted through any gear in the transmission, but the gear output directly through the transmission input shaft and the output shaft directly connected thereto is called direct gear.The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. The direct gear ratio is 1.

(5) Overspeed gear. That is, the output shaft speed is higher than the input shaft speed.
(6) Number of files. Refers to the number of gear positions in a stepped gear transmission. The number of gears in common gear transmissions is four to five, and the three-speed transmission is rare. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.The more the number of gears, the better the car's adaptability to driving conditions, and the lower the fuel consumption, but the more complicated the transmission transmission mechanism and the operating mechanism, the more difficult it is to operate and the higher the cost.
(7) Low grade, high grade. In the gear position of the transmission, the small number of gears is called low gear, the smaller the gear, the larger the gear ratio, the greater the traction, and the lower the speed.The list of gearbox manufacturing companies. For example, the gear ratio of the first gear is the largest in the forward gear, the lowest speed and the highest traction. The digital gear is called high-grade, the larger the number, the smaller the gear ratio, the smaller the traction, but the higher the speed.

(8) Shifting. The shifting process of the transmission to complete the gear ratio is called shifting. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.The shifting of the sleeve is performed by integrating with the gear, and the engaging ring ring on the flank and the engaging sleeve are engaged (or separated) to realize a gear ratio change called a sleeve shift. The synchronizer shifts and uses the synchronizer to shift gears. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.The shifting not only has no impact and noise on the engaging teeth but also a short shifting time.
(9) Jumping. The list of gearbox manufacturing companies.During the running of the car, due to the wear and vibration of the engaging teeth, the clutch sleeve and the engaging ring gear are separated to make the transmission in a neutral state.

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The top 10 gearbox manufacturers in india
Top 10 gear manufacturing companies in India

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