Do you want to know the gearbox motor frame price?

gearbox motor frame price gearbox motor frame price

  If you want to know the gearbox motor frame price, you should first understand each part of it.

  One: Gear Range.

  Your bike's gear range determines the speeds at which if you can pedal your bike. Gear range gives us an idea for how easy it will be to climb hills, cruise along on the flat or whether you'll have enough gearing to pedal on the downhills too. A Rohloff has a gear range of 526 percent while the pinion offers 636 percent - the widest gear range of any bicycle.

  Using a Rohloff hub with a low drive ratio, you can comfortably pedal up a hill at 5 kilometres an hour in the smallest gear. When you shift to the largest gear, you will top out at 45 kilometres per hour. The Pinion gearbox with its extra 21%  gear range provides 21% more top-end speed, so you can still pedal right up to 54 kilometers per hour.

   Two: Gear Steps.

   The Pinion gearbox and Rohloff hub have even gear steps of 11.5% and 13.6%. The best way to understand what these numbers mean is to translate them to cadence, which is the number of times your crank spin per minute.

  When you change the gears on your bike, your cadence becomes faster or slower for every shift. Ideally we want the smallest possible cadence changes because it allows us to maintain the cadence we prefer, without having a big change in speed.

   Three: Drive Efficiency.

   We have run lab tests to determine how much of your pedal power is lost in different gearbox drivetrains. The Rohloff hub is the most efficient available, with an average efficiency of 94.5 percent across all gears.

  The Pinion has a few more losses in the system, so it averages out at 90.5 percent. When it comes to the Pinion gearbox, it is understood that the large crankshaft seals, faster internal rotating cogs, smaller front chainring and faster chain speed are the most likely sources of the extra friction.

   Four: Weight.

 The Rohloff hub works out to be about one kilogram lighter than the Pinion Gearbox. The hub and associated components are around 700 grams lighter, but there is also around 300 grams extra frame weight required to house the Pinion Gearbox.

   Five: Price.

 While both gearbox motor frame systems are priced incredibly high, the Pinion gearbox motor frame is undoubtedly the most expensive gearbox option. The gearbox motor frame price difference varies a little between manufacturers.

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