The refreshing technologies:gearbox motor conveyor technologies

   Firstly let us take a look at the mechanism specifications. For a basic conveyor, you would have pulley attached and a belt. The information required for a pulley would be the diameter thickness and material. Other than these information, you would also need to know the mechanism tilt angle 、the efficiency of the conveyor and gearbox motor conveyor technologies. If you do not know the efficiency value you may want to use the standard value of 90% and gearbox motor conveyor technologies. As you may have considered the type of motor to use.

   The power supply and conveyor speed would be the next requirement. Now let us look at the load condition. You would need to know the total load mass on the conveyor and the friction coefficient between the belt and guide. If you do not know on the value, gearbox motor conveyor technologies will be a rough guide for you. 0.3 will be like finger rubbing on the metal table, 0.1 will be for rollers and 0.05 will be the load on the ball bearing guide. Once you launch the software, you'll be prompt with this page. You can select the mechanism based on your application. In this case we will be selecting the belt mechanism as the application is a conveyor.

   Please click on the transfer mechanism calculation button. You'll be entering into another page where you would be able to input the values of the transfer mechanism is prepared earlier. After inserting all the data, please click on the calculation button and click OK. Next you would need to input the information of the conveyor where the highlighted yellow box would be a must to input. After finish inserting all the values, total torque and inertia would be displayed in the white border box. Now click on the next button to proceed.

   Base on our experience, we might have some factors not considered like the tension of the belt. As you may see that the list of models is mixed with red and black text. For red text, it is indicating that the value does not meet the requirements and therefore the motor selected is NG. You can also click on the second column to sort the list starting from OK or NG. In this case we have one model which is able to work with this application. After selecting that model, click on the next button to proceed. Now the calculation result would be shown here. You can save the result as you can edit the next time. You may also print out the result for a reference or kept as a record.
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