Gearbox motor conveyor pump get software and component upgrade with retrofit kit

Gearbox motor conveyor pump Gearbox motor conveyor pump

   To minimize the risk of potential safety problems, you should follow all applicable local and national codes that regulate the installation, maintenance and operation of your gearbox motor conveyor pump.

  Studies state that gearbox motor conveyor pump are the most commonly used gear in transmissions. Gearbox motor conveyor pump offer less vibration, wear, noise and tend to have a longer life.

   How will the gearbox motor conveyor pump be mounted in order to determine the placement of the vent plug and what hardware and accessories will be required for proper mounting.

  First, we inspect the gearbox motor conveyor pump for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. Clean the gearbox motor conveyor pump if needed now and during maintenance.

   Do not allow chemicals on the seals as they can cause seals to deteriorate and leak. Our Cast Iron Helical models include a vent plug that may be plastic like this one, or brass like this one. 

  The vent plug is included with our Helical Gearboxes and is attached during shipping. Depending on the gearbox mounting orientation, we may need to move where the vent plug is installed.

  The vent plug should be installed in the filler position as specified in the user manual. The plug in the oil gauge location should be removed while filling with oil. Oil has reached the proper level in the gearbox when it starts to drip out of the gauge port.

  After filling, plug the gauge port and install the vent plug in the filler port. If your vent plug is plastic, remove the red pin from the plug. This red device closes the breathing hole so oil does not leak out during shipping.

  Oil may need to be added or partially drained depending upon your mounting orientation. Make sure you don't add too much oil because it will cause overheating and can cause seals to leak while too little oil will result in gear failure.

  To insure the proper amount of oil, mount the gearbox motor conveyor pump, determine the vent plug, gauge and drain plug locations and fill or drain the oil to the proper amount recommended in the user manual. It is very important to use the proper lubricant when adding or changing the oil. Recommended oil types and brands are specified in the user manual.

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