Frequency Varied Electromotor
Frequency Varied Electromotor


asynchronous motor

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YVF2 frequency electric variable speed motor is developed from our Y2 three phase asynchronous electric motor. It is connected with converter to Chang the frequency get the ideal output speed. It has a same function as our yct electromagnetic motors. Actually all our asynchronous motor is used to couple with gearmotor. We can supply you motor yvf2 with the converter that frequency varied or you can assemble by yourself.


YVF2 Variable Frequency Multispeed Motor(up to 355KW) is designed and developed
by the organizer Shainghai electric-scientific institution accompanying with ten more motor
manufactures’s technician in Xi’an.

2: Features

1):The construction of YVF2 Variable Frequency Multispeed Motor
1.1 :special and fashional with parallel and vertical style colling rim
1.2:with top junction box which is convenient for user connecting.
1.3:Motor spare parts such as the frame and end shield are designed reasonable ,
1.4:Low noise and low viberation.
1.5:compulsion ventlation of axial flow blower,which could ensure motor running in low
speed and constant torque that does not exceed the standard value .
1.6:It is usually equipped with frequency converter, and the frequency is from 5Hz to100Hz.
1.7:It is with independent axial flow fan, achieving good cooling effect.

2):On the electromagnetism field.

2.1:adopts the special computer aided-design software for convert feed motor to compute .It
would supply sufficient consideration on blight affected by converter power supply to motor .
2.2:The design have kept the over-loading ablility of motor in high -frequency and kept constant
torque output in low-frequency .

3:Technical Performance

3.1:Motor operate S1 contentiously
3.2:Rated volatge of 380V ,rated frequency is 50HZ ,according to user requirement to determine
the rated voltage and frequency points .
3.3:Insulation class F
3.4:H820_225 Frame 5_50Hz constant torque speed ,H250~315 frame ,3~50Hz constant torque
speed,50~100hz For the constant power speed ,tuning range can also be determined according
to user requirements.
3.5:H280 and the following frame sized Y connection ,H315 of tiangle connection

4:Operation Conditions

4.1:Sea technical altitude no more than 1000m
4.2:Ambient air temperature changes with the seasons ,but not more than 40°C ,the lowest of not
more than _15°C
4.3:Wether month on average relative humidity of 90%,while the monthly average minimum
temperature not higher than 25°C

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